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WASHINGTON — Nearly all of the Obama administration’s science staff has departed the White House since January, and the Trump administration has moved slowly to replace them. In the meantime, however, an unofficial shadow office, stocked with Obama loyalists, is quietly at work.

The network, described to STAT by officials from the previous administration who are involved, is informal yet organized, allowing for a far-reaching if largely inconspicuous effort to continue advocating for the Obama science agenda.

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  • A report by two German scientists in ‘The Open Atmospheric Science Journal’ using historical climate change data indicates a Little Ice Age beginning as the Solar sunspot cycle continues a downward trend similar to the Dalton or Maunder Minimums and will last to 2050.
    Take notes of all the AGW proponents for future reference on their reliability.
    The last IPCC report admitted that their models lacked historical data on natural factors and that the AGW predictions amounted to 2nd rate weather forecasting at best.
    A Little Ice Age will probably damage the Solar and Wind generating facilitities. Good thing we have enough oil naturasl gas, and coal to keep the lights on and keep us warm.

  • This is so wrong. The government workers are there to serve the elected leaders, not pursue their own interests. Obama did much I disagreed with yet I never would suggest the government under him should be allowed to work against him. Same for Trump. Whether you like the outcome of the election or not, do not undermine the electoral process which this does. And the government employees don’t have a right to do what they want regardless of election outcomes. This undermines our democratic process.

    • Darby,
      You may not be a student of history but there are times when following the “rules” is not only wrong but is disastrous. This looks to many thoughtful people to be one of those times.

      In the stages or moral development people who just obey authority and conform to the social order are only in the fourth stage of six. Try not to get stuck there. Luckily these public servants are willing to take risks to do the right thing for all of us.

  • Meet the Deep State.

    The bureaucracy does not work for the people, it works for itself in alliance with oligarchs like Peter Thiel and George Soros, the party establishments, and the media.

  • The article told me that these scientists are for global warming. They also are for $$ for research. Well since most government research cannot be duplicated why are we spending the money. With the variables in climate how can a trace gas that is essential to life be so harmful.

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