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Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier said Monday that he would step down from one of President Trump’s advisory panels, citing “a responsibility to take a stand against violence and extremism” days after a series of racist demonstrations erupted into violence.

Less than an hour after the announcement, Trump shot back on Twitter:

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  • What kind of immature child does the US have in the White House?
    We outside of the US just laugh at this clown; we just feel sorry for the folks who have him as their ‘leader.’
    To quote Walter Sobchak, “Donny, you’re out of your element.”

    • Donald Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Now don’t wave the Goldwater Rule at me. There is a duty to warn if a person is a danger to themselves and others. Trump is a danger to the entire world; he has nukes and no self control with his grandiosity.

  • Funny how the media has been stone silent, along with the new administration, since the issue of predatory drug pricing started to perk last December.

    So what happened; why the silence? When does the public finally get an activist government to wade in and decisively confront the outrageous, uncontrollable, anti-trust pricing and profiteering by Big Pharma?

  • I’ve been a Merck shareholder for nearly 40 years and both Ray Gilmartin and Ken Frazier have significantly under performed the company under former CEO Dr. P. Roy Vagelos. If Ken wants to be a political activist then maybe serving as the CEO of Merck just isn’t his calling. Serving on a presidential panel was a great place for him to influence policy but he let his own politics get in the way of helping our company. Out with him from Merck altogether.

  • Before we nominate Ken Frazier for sainthood let’s not forget that this is the same Ken Frazier, who as Merck general counsel fought tooth and nail to deny Vioxx- injured plaintiffs their just conpensation. So before we get too exercised about Frazier and Trump, remember that it all depends on whose ox is being gored, and that Frazier, sharp lawyer that he is, knows how to play both sides of the moral equivalency game.

  • The tweets a d ad lib comments reflect the true Donald Trump. Reading from prepared text is the fake Trump. Trump is such a terrible person that the only way he can ever say something appropriate is when someone else has written it for him. The “appropriate words” are so alien to him that he has a hard time reading them.

  • As usual, our President’s sole reaction to criticism is not to reflect and address as a thoughtful leader, but to strike back in a juvenile way…in this case, lashing out at the offending party on a topic which has nothing to do with the offending party’s actions.

  • Trump can always be counted on to take the low road. *Nothing* is too petty for this man. It’s a horrible quality in a leader. And he’s his own worst enemy because it’s his Tweet that put Frazier’s departure on the radar.

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