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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is canceling or scaling back an array of Obama-era programs that were aimed at encouraging doctors and hospitals to more quickly move away from traditional, fee-for-service medicine.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services moved to cancel pilot programs that would have paid certain hospitals a lump sum for all of the care associated with heart attacks, bypass surgeries, and some hip and femur fractures, including the initial visit, the surgery, and follow-up care. It’s canceling a similar program that targeted cardiac rehabilitation, and the agency is also proposing to drastically reduce the number of hospitals that have to participate in a separate program already underway that offers similar lump payments for hip and knee replacements.

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  • Please tell me this isn’t happening,I only bring in 871.00 a month and and have medicaid to ,so I am looking at knee replacement soon what am I to do ,we paid in and now we get told to bad,your 61 and younger than most in Congress and so I don’t feel old but I can’t hardly walk now ,I don’t understand.

  • Without the care that I recieve from medi-care & medicaid, I am sure I will be in a world of constant pain and back in a wheelchair. This plan scares the shit out of me. Right now I live on, exist on, $472 a month.

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