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The Seattle biotech Omeros (OMER) has long told investors it has a potential blockbuster on its hands in OMS721, an experimental drug aimed at treating patients with rare blood and kidney diseases.

So why won’t the company answer questions about its clinical data?


I’ve been trying for months to get answers on key points: How many patients have been dosed with the drug in clinical trials? And is there any proof at all that the drug can be administered via subcutaneous injection, rather than intravenous drip — which is a key selling point for Omeros?

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  • Just google “A balanced take on Omeros”, an article from Seeking Alpha, and you will get all the info you need. Of course I’m assuming that you’re interested in facts and not in spreading disinformation on order to lower the value of this company’s stock. Like the short-sellers, “Art Doyle” you can and probably already have made profits by pushing down the value of Omeros’ stock. Too bad small investors like me suffer the consequences, but as long as you and other dishonest stock manipulators make a substantial profit then I guess it’s alright.

  • You’re a liar! Just go to their website and you will get all the info you need. As far as “Doyle” it’s already been proven that he’s a liar as well. Have you ever considered being an honest journalist?

  • Followed Adam a long time, and learned a lit early on. However, his relevancy has slid in recent years. On the difficult calls and analyses, he’s wrong more than right, and seems more focused on sadistically beating up the nobodies of biotech, since its easier than in-depth tough investigation and analysis. Most of his tweets are radical left foul mouthed politics, I don’t know why his employer puts up with it, I don’t see the value add to justify subscriptions for his articles. I wonder if he’s actually earning his keep over there. He’ll read this surely, so many advice to him is: ease up on the politics and drinking and get back to basics and business.

    • I couldn’t have said it better than Tom.

      Adam has written quality articles with credible journalism but his fall from grace is very disappointing. I wish him well and hope to see great future articles with more numbers based analysis and less emotion.

  • Perhaps OMER is ignoring your questions because some of them may have originated from your conversations with Art Doyle, an entity that hides it face in anonymity while shorting OMER’s stock. OMER is in a lawsuit with Art Doyle so that could limit Q&A to conf calls for awhile.

  • So, because this guys ego is bruised from them not calling him back he writes a hit piece? I suggest readers do some follow-up on this writer and his background. Who is paying this guy, not making $$ on twitter or this blog….

  • It has provided clinical data, and this data is very encouraging for OMS721. You must a hidden agenda to cast doubts on this drug, which no longer can be described as experimental. Maybe you’re short on this stock?

  • As much exciting data he analysed and published for Celldex that saw millions of investors money vanish into tin air. Never mind Adam Feuerstein. His analysis on anything is just a gamble like investing in biotech itself.

  • Adam is a fraud and has been proven to be one for some time. None of his articles are reliable and his information is nonsense. He’s also been reported to the SEC for making such false claims like that above.

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