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  • I’m a 34 year old pizza chef. I have an 8 year old daughter that lives with me Mon thru fri. I live in merrimack nh where my fiance and I own a townhouse. On Oct 14 I was in a serious car accident resulting in two broken ankles one being very serious. I was flown to mass general hospital where I received 5 surgeries. For the first two weeks I was on an opiod regiment of 15mg of oxy contain every 3 hours as Well as a time release morphine once every 8 hours. When I was starting feel a lot better a nurse came to me talking about my go home procedure. Part of was a prescription for oxy. I refused I didn’t want any narcotics home. She said I couldn’t because I would run into withdrawals from the opiod.i got very angry I don’t take pills or drugs but now I’m I would have to buy off street to keep from getting sick. I currently am a medical marijuana patient in NH. I asked if I could have some cannabis for pain instead of something that the country is having a big problem with right now and they told me no. The best hospital in New England doesn t offer an alternative pain medicine. This makes me very angry. I am not a drug addict and I refuse to let the hospital make me one. So I refused all opiods since I heard the news of withdrawals. It’s the hospital creating a problem. Cannabis is not addictive and has no side effects.i use cannabis for my type 1 diabetes and my epilepsy which I thank God that it is available for me in NH.

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