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WASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday nominated Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy as the nation’s “drug czar,” months after he had officially withdrawn from consideration.

Marino, an attorney who has served in the House of Representatives since 2011, has a lengthy track record of supporting enforcement-side drug policy as well as improved drug treatment.

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  • Tom Marion should be in prison. How in the World is he a nominee for the National Drug Czar. Follow the money. Mr.Trump You said you would drain the swamp You have the biggest swamp Rat of all in your cross hairs. Opioid correction starts with Tom Marion. You said you wanted to protect us. Incarcerate TOM DO-IT

    • Responsible adults do not need protection from their own choices. Only psychiatric drugs are compulsory.

  • This man sold his soul to the pharmaceutical industry. He has the blood of tens of thousands of opioid overdose victims on his hands.
    Watch the 60 minutes show which aired 15-October-2017.
    We are killing our fellow citizens, no terrorists needed.

    • Adults who ingest opioids do so voluntarily and are entirely responsible for their decisions. According to Columbia University’s Carl Hart, three-fourths of opioid-related deaths are due to improper drug mixing, and therefore not due to ingestion of opioids alone. Many more are due to bootleg products that are the consequence of prohibition. Though opioids have been used for thousands of years, anti-science Americans pretend that they have magically become dangerous in recent years.

  • Talk about putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.
    Anyone who has lost a friend or relative to opioid abuse should write their congressmen and senators demanding that this crooked individual not be given this important post; at a time we continue to escalate the amount of overdose deaths from opioids.

  • I saved my husband! He had a PSA 3 yrs ago which was normal. I thought he had his PSA checked every year like I get my physical. He didn’t! I TOLD him to get one since he was due for a check up. Glad I did, his PSA increased to 6. His Urologist suggested a biopsy which he had done. 2 of 12 tags came back positive for CANCER. He just got surgery to remove his prostate & CANCER was isloated to prostate only. It has not metastasized. He is only 57 yrs old. Thank God!

  • Forced treatment is merely a different aspect of “enforcement-side drug policy.” Drug heretics encounter the therapeutic state as religious heretics encounter the theocratic state.

  • What about M.A.T.? With M.A.T. people can lead productive lives& raise childten& help society and is this still on the plan? I’m praying for saving lives!

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