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A first-of-its-kind cancer treatment is generating unbridled excitement — but also underscoring intense concerns over pricing and value.

The drug, which is known as a CAR-T therapy, is expected to dramatically raise the chance of survival for children who have an aggressive form of leukemia and fail to respond to other treatments.

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  • Sounds like Novartis have taken GcMAF, which the FDA closed down and intimidated and harassed doctors getting good results to then approve it for Novartis, at a difference in price in £ of £20,000 to £360,000. They are criminals that should be brought to justice. Why did the FDA do this? For money of course, what else!

  • Let’s cut down to the point. How much money is a child worth? That is the unethical question! People like Pierre Curie or Conrad Röntgen did not even file patents, as they deemed their Nobel Price inventions to valuable for man kind….. In our age and time they would be called fools I guess, or maybe our times are foolish?

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