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LOS ANGELES — Jyn Dao is scared. His bottom surgery — needed to realign the female genitalia he was born with to his male identity — is scheduled. But it’s not happening until January. And like many trans men and women, he’s afraid President Trump will soon revoke protections in federal law that ensure his surgery is affordable.

“Me, my friends, people in the trans community, we’re really worried,” said Dao, a 25-year-old Vietnamese-American who has been slowly transitioning his gender over the past decade.

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  • Churchill said “if you aren’t a liberal when you are 20 you have no heart. If you are not a conservative by the time you are 40-you have no brain. You young people do know who Churchill is don’t you?

    • Volunteers for a job are not entitled to anything. This does not help the mission, especially if you are talking taking people out for months to a year when they can’t be a front line fighting force. As someone once said, then you get people signing up for the limited amount of time and have to spend money on them that you end up not recouping. This is the military, you know that when you sign up. Be prepared for that. If you aren’t willing to do the job, then you aren’t up for the benefits. Find a job that you can do that pays for it or do it out of your own pocket. I have to budget for health and dental care. Welcome to life, out of my own pocket. I volunteer and no I don’t expect things. Its nice when I get them but that’s not the reason to sign up.

  • He probably doesn’t have anything against the transgender community.
    He just doesn’t want the American people to pay for it. The national debt (especially with the Texas hurricane recovery) is through the roof. The debt problem has to be addressed someway besides borrowing from China. Particularly in light of the North Korea problem.

    • Being a businessman, he is about profit, loss, etc. I’m not sure why people aren’t figuring out, he’s looking for ways to cut the budget, etc. and he’s not into the feel good/SJW type of stuff.

      That’s why people have problems with him. They don’t recognize him for what he is: an American businessman.

  • Metoidoplasty does not a penis make and covering this surgery just so you can urinate standing is ludicrous. LaCare does all this for trans patients while it short changes its other prescribers, under pays providers and maintains large offices and staff i.e. steals money off the top. This is a travesty. Providers I know call it LaNoCare.

  • My understanding is that the govt was told they would be out for the same amount of time for surery as a gallbladder. That is not what is happening in fact. In addition, this would move someone from frontline fighting if a male going to female correct? How would that help support the militaries’ mission as a fighting force?

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