he lawmaker’s claim was eye-popping: Americans watch 16 hours of pharma ads a year, on average.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, recited that statistic on Tuesday during a finance committee hearing on health care costs and coverage, arguing that such ads are “driving our pharma costs through the roof.”

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  • Much more than 16. We also buy ad time to synchronize the ads together with viewer preferences from Nielsen.

    You can’t get away from us cause we synchronize the ad buys so that IT DOES NOT MATTER if you change the station. Our same obnoxious ads will be on all of them AT THE SAME TIME.

    Talk to your doctor about….

  • I agree. By the time each of these ads finish listing all the horrendous possible side effects, it already seems like 16 hours!

  • Since the TV westerns are popular they should bring back the old ads.
    Geritol, for tired blood
    Serutan (natures spelled backwards) for constipation .
    Carters little liver pills for biliousness
    Miles Nervine, to calm you and restore your flagging libido.

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