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WASHINGTON — Americans are not clamoring for single-payer health care, as Sen. Bernie Sanders has suggested they are, in proposing a plan that would have the government foot most medical bills.

He’s right that support for the idea has grown and in some polls tops 50 percent. But polls suggest that the prevailing sentiment is ambivalence.


Saving money on health insurance holds lots of appeal. Seeing taxes rise to cover those costs may dull the appetite.

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  • A forum assembled by a panel, which included representatives from hospitals, the medical community, and community action groups, showed that the panelists and the audience in near total are demanding single-payer healthcare. Maine in 2016 overwhelminglyrics supported Bernie Sanders.

  • And anyone who thinks we should entrust our health care to government management, is either insane or deeply invested in Democratic political power.
    They only want GASP (govt as single payer) to convert millions of private sector free market insurance/billing workers to public union dues payers, reliable Democratic voters forever. Dammm the results, full speed ahead.

  • Reversing Citizens United and Single Payer Healthcare will be the two reforms that will happen in the next 10 years. Future generations will scratch their heads as to why it took so long to do the obvious.

  • I guess it speaks to how much thought people give to how they pay for their healthcare. Or where the money to pay for it comes from. But under NO circumstances shall you Raise My Taxes. And while you’re at it Keep your Government Hands OFF my Medicare!

  • “Opposition climbed to 60 percent when people were asked to consider that such a plan would call for higher taxes for many.”

    So basically, if you lie about how to pay for it, people don’t like it anymore. Shocker!

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