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An influential group of clinicians and scientists has come out against a new use for blood-thinning drugs in draft guidelines that could complicate the commercial launch of a recently approved anticoagulant from Portola Pharmaceuticals (PTLA).

The Portola drug, a pill called Bevyxxa, won FDA approval in June to reduce the risk of dangerous blood clots in patients leaving the hospital after treatment for a medical (as opposed to a surgical) illness. The drug failed a phase 3 clinical trial when it didn’t show statistically significant benefits compared to an old generic. But Portola then re-analyzed the data and was able to convince regulators that Bevyxxa provided a benefit over the generic.


Doctors, however, don’t appear to be persuaded.

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  • Adam, you are an idiot. As usual your articles are filled with hypothesized theories that are based on no facts. You do this because that’s what sells making you a disgrace to journalism. PTLA is unrelated to anticoagulants.

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