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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is signaling it will pursue significant changes to Medicare that could put beneficiaries on the hook for higher costs.

In an informal proposal on Wednesday, federal health officials hinted at several new pilot programs it may implement in the months ahead. One idea would give doctors more latitude to enter into so-called private contracts to charge Medicare beneficiaries more for certain services, if the patients were willing to pay. Elsewhere in the document, officials indicated they might offer more incentives to encourage beneficiaries to join private Medicare plans, known as Medicare Advantage plans. Democrats and other experts said the language suggested interest in the controversial “premium support” model long favored by Republican policymakers.

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  • No surprise with this one. The GOP just wants to kill seniors and the disabled sooner because we are a ‘drain’ on society. They forget that we have paid into this system for years with out blood sweat and tears working our whole loves. I’m dreading being forced into Medicare and the ‘Medicare for All’ cry is awful. My current Anthem policy is outrageous. I’m essentially stuck with a Medicare advantage plan although it’s not labeled as such. With subsidy I have a $471 monthly premium and a $8000 out of pocket. Should I land in the hospital, or outpatient it’s $500 copay per day up to 4 days. Both are highway robbery. I’m not even mentioning the drug copays. 50% of my income went for medical. It’s cheaper to die and that’s what the GOP wants senior to do. If you can’t afford to eat or pay your medical then you can just die. It’s ‘your choice’. Simply disgusting

  • All baby boomers are eligible for benefits…our leaders spent our funds many times over.

    The lying gangsters will only take the high road and explain to we mere mortals how we have set our expectations too high…

  • yes sorry but it is a crap plan to kill people is all it is the gop has no thinking of helpping the old and disabled but to let us die is all they want for 30 years they have planed to kill us and now they will and do not care at all

  • What kind of a minister would tell you he has members eating dog food?
    Has he ever brought this from his pulpit?
    I call bull on this…

    You are well meaning, but lets keep this thread above board…

  • So, President Trump is breaking another one of his promises and to those who are less able to pay more. If they are hell bent on doing this, they should look at the money that Seniors have to live on, most are barely getting by. My Minister said he knows several old couples who are eating dog food because they are having to pay so many medical bills already. Medicare has already stopped paying a lot of things, and is not paying very much on anything. Seniors who have the original medicare are having to shell out between $200 to $300 dollars per month plus their Part B Medicare is going up a lot every year. I guess this is going to be the way our Government kills off the Elderly. I should have known that was coming. After all, a Nation that kills the very innocent while they are existing the womb by stabbing or knifing them in the back of the neck to kill them won’t think anything of killing the elderly and the sickly. SIGN OF THE TIMES. JESUS IS COMING SOON.

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