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When people misrepresent facts on the record, journalists are in a tough spot — especially when that information can be harmful.

Which brings me to STAT’s recent interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., conducted by Helen Branswell. STAT wanted to interview Kennedy about his claim in January 2017 that Donald Trump would soon appoint him to head a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. Seven months had passed since Kennedy had made the claim and no announcement had been made. STAT wanted to find out where things stood.

Branswell began her interview by asking Kennedy eight different times and in eight different ways where things stood on his commission. Each time, he failed to confirm or deny whether the White House was about to appoint him.


That clearly wasn’t what Kennedy wanted to talk about. Instead, he wanted to talk about his belief that mercury in vaccines is poisoning America’s children and that no one in the federal government seems to care. By insisting that the interview be conducted in the question-and-answer format, Kennedy effectively tied STAT’s hands, which had to print what he said without editorial comment or opposing views.

I feel compelled to oppose Kennedy’s claims.


During the interview, Kennedy said that some babies were being injected with 25 micrograms of ethylmercury, which is part of a preservative called thimerosol that is used in multi-dose vials of influenza vaccine. He claimed that amount to be “100 times” greater than the amount considered to be safe.

As an environmentalist, Kennedy should know that mercury is a natural part of the Earth’s crust. As a consequence, methylmercury (environmental mercury) is contained in water and anything made from water, like breast milk and infant formula. The human body eliminates ethylmercury from vaccines far more efficiently than it eliminates naturally occurring methylmercury.

Babies typically ingest about 360 micrograms of methylmercury during the first 6 months of life, well before they will ever receive their first dose of influenza vaccine. If the 25 micrograms of ethylmercury in vaccines is 100 times greater than what Kennedy claimed is safe, then simply by living on Earth, by 6 months of age babies will have ingested an amount of mercury that is 1,440 times greater than Kennedy’s safety limit.

According to Kennedy’s calculations, all of us are massively intoxicated with mercury. The only way to avoid this would be to move to another planet.

Kennedy also said that he wanted to ensure “that vaccines are subject to the same kind of safety scrutiny and safety testing that other drugs are subject to.” In fact, vaccines are subjected to greater scrutiny than drugs. Much greater. For example, the CDC spends tens of millions of dollars every year on the Vaccine Safety Datalink, a system of linked computerized medical records from several major health maintenance organizations that represents about 7 million Americans, 500,000 of whom are children. Nothing like this exists on the drug side. Frankly, if a Drug Safety Datalink existed, the problem with Vioxx as a cause of heart attacks might have been picked up much sooner.

Kennedy said, “We need to, prior to licensing vaccines, do gold standard safety testing, like every other drug approval requires. We need to do double-blind placebo testing.” Branswell knew that the FDA does require placebo-controlled trials before licensure. So she pushed back. “Sir, that’s done all the time,” she said. “That is done all the time.”

Branswell was right. Here’s an example of the kind of testing that vaccines are put through. One of the currently licensed vaccines against rotavirus was tested in a placebo-controlled, prospective, 11-country, four-year trial of more than 70,000 infants before being approved. That’s fairly typical of most pre-licensure trials. But STAT was stuck having to report Kennedy’s remarks as is, even though Branswell knew they were false. That was the deal. The interview had to be printed without contradiction.

Perhaps most outrageous was Kennedy’s claim that “the hepatitis B vaccines that are currently approved had fewer than five days of safety testing. That means that if the child has a seizure on the sixth day, it’s never seen. If the child dies, it’s never seen.” Safety monitoring for the hepatitis B vaccine, like all vaccines tested before being licensed, involved determining side effects in the vaccinated and unvaccinated group for weeks after each dose. Indeed, some subsets of vaccinated individuals have been monitored for 30 years after hepatitis B vaccination.

Throughout the interview, Kennedy never adequately addressed the new commission. Creating such a commission doesn’t make sense to me for two main reasons.

First, a vaccine safety commission already exists. It’s called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Staffed by epidemiologists, microbiologists, virologists, statisticians, molecular biologists, and clinicians, the CDC supervises the Vaccine Safety Datalink, which I described earlier. Whenever a new vaccine is licensed, this system quickly determines who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t and detects any side effects that might be occurring more frequently in the vaccinated group.

Second, a commission for scientific integrity also already exists. Independent of the CDC, it’s called the Office for Research Integrity, and is housed in the Department of Health and Human Services.

It’s unfortunate that our culture, and our media, sometimes give celebrities a chance to comment without opposition on subjects about which they are often misinformed. It’s invariably the listener or reader who suffers this advice. Maybe journalists could at the very least add a cigarette-style caution to interviews like the one that STAT did with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Something like “CAUTION: Reading this article might be dangerous to your health.”

Paul A. Offit, M.D., is a professor of pediatrics and director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. His most recent book is “Pandora’s Lab: Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong” (National Geographic Press, April 2017).

  • CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST MUCH, DORIT?? SMDH . . . Dorit admits to her family’s owning Glaxo Smith Kline stock (She says she asked her husband.).
    DMH to Dorit Reiss • a year ago
    And what would be your conflicts of interest?
    Dorit Reiss DMH • a year ago
    My family owns, as part of its portfolio, stock of GSK.
    I found that out the first time I gave a talk about vaccines – when I looked into that. As a reason to speak up about this topic, from where I stand, it’s pretty irrelevant.
    What are yours?
    DMH to Dorit Reiss • a year ago
    You didn’t know your family own GSK stock?
    I have no conflicts.
    Dorit Reiss to DMH • a year ago
    Not until I looked into it. My husband handles our portfolio.
    No conflicts? No case before NVICP? No work in alternative medicine, making money off selling alleged alternatives for vaccines?
    DMH to Dorit Reiss • a year ago
    So first you gave a talk about vaccines, then you looked into whether you had stock in a company that makes vaccines, then you became interested in vaccines. Gotcha.
    In answer to your questions: no, no, and no.
    Dorit Reiss to DMH • a year ago
    No. First I started talking about vaccines on the internet. Then I wrote blog posts on the topic. Then I scheduled a panel on the topic with several colleagues. As preparation, I was asked if I had conflicts of interests. I knew of none. The form included “do you own stock in pharmaceutical companies”. So I asked my husband if we had stock.
    I hope that’s clear.
    DMH to Dorit Reiss • a year ago
    So, you really should disclose this when arguing for vaccines.

  • C-SPAN Video: Rep. Bill Posey Calling for an Investigation of the CDC’s MMR research fraud

    Rep. Bill Posey brings former CDC researcher and now Whistleblower, Dr. Bill Thompson’s letter regarding significant files they omitted and destroyed to avoid reporting any significant race effects in their study.

  • Dear Barbara (BJ)

    Dorit and I are not getting paid to post. Do you all have nothing better to say than that? Yes, I can see you chatting on Jack’s fb page.

    Stick to sound science, not baseless accusations and putdowns.

    • My guess is that you — and Dorit — are one and the same person. But that really doesn’t matter — strength in (false) numbers, and all . . . In answer to your question . . . nope . . . as the mother of a vaccine-injured child *DOUBLE-WHAMMY . . . AUTISM AND TYPE-1 DIABETES* you called this one correctly. I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO. See . . . I’m forcing myself to stay awake tonite, for the second evening in a row, because my son’s blood glucose levels (type-1 diabetes-related thanks to HIB vax) . . . they are dangerously high. No rest for the weary. Guess my reward will be on the OTHER SIDE of things, where I can dress normally. Meanwhile . . . you PharmaShills? I suggest you pack very lightly. I hear it’s quite HOT where you’re headed. Oh and thanks for the chuckle about your movie-watching . . . LMAO. Don’t let any of us interfere with THAT. Like we have TIME to sit and watch a movie. I *WISH* . . .

    • LMAO!!!! Thanks for another belly-laugh!!! So you managed to locate me on facebook and figured out my real name? I’m shivering in my boots. NOT. My name is BARBARA JOHNSON and I’m the proud mom of a vaccine-injured child. Too bad you can’t seem to put your extraordinary detective-like skills to use in researching vaccine-causation and injury, instead of what? Oh that’s right. You’re watching a movie. SMDH. (Insert BIG EYEROLL HERE).

    • It’s actually pretty easy to figure out we are different people. James sent me a copy of his book for free. He did not send one to Dorit. That I know. She didn’t ask. I did. I have a blog called Vaccines Work. Dorit blogs at Skeptical Raptor. We live in different states. She has boys, I have girls.

      I am sorry your child has two serious health issues that are completely not related to vaccines. I am 100% confident your child would benefit more if you did not blame vaccines for those health conditions. He or she would get better health care if you stick to sound medical science. HIB vaccine does not cause diabetes.

      I did not “manage to locate you.” I checked Jack’s page and noticed you were there.

      As for autism, it is not new and not vaccine damage. People with autism deserve better than to be called damaged.

    • Oh, it’s not news to me – I’ve written about it a few years ago.

      Wakefield didn’t appeal because the case against him is clear cut.

      Serious scientists have pointed to problems with vaccines and their career was helped, not harmed. Wakefield didn’t point to a problem: he faked one.

      Most people likely agree that doctors who commit fraud that harms children, as Wakefield did, should be disgraced. He earned it.

  • Am I missing something here? The vaccine manufacturers’ OWN PRODUCT SAFETY INSERTS say that possible side effects include AUTISM, type-1 diabetes, etc. Their own product inserts . . . but hey let’s keep beating this dead horse? WTH? Some of us aren’t getting paid per post, that’s right, I forgot. Nice work if you can get it, Dorit.

    • The Varivax insert also lists teething. Do vaccines cause teething? Of course not. Under the regulatory framework, manufacturers are required to list things reported that meet certain criteria, caused by vaccines or not. The insert even includes a comment to the effect that things are listed regardless of causal connection. See:

      And I understand it helps deal with the fact that evidence shows anti-vaccine wrong if you believe the people correcting your errors are paid to do so. But it’s not true, and it doesn’t make up for the errors. It just makes you wrong on one more thing.

    • Inserts list adverse events without regard to causation. If you want to know what vaccines actually cause, you need to read more than inserts.

      Dorit and I are also not getting paid to post. I am watching a movie, at the moment, while I chat. Wish I was paid to post. I could buy a new one instead watching an old one on prime.

    • How many hundreds and thousands of exactly the same adverse reactions post vaccines from all over the world does it take for you to agree that there is more than correlation involved here? How many more generations do we sacrifice before enough is enough? Shame on us all and may we be forgiven by our children who will bare the burden of our ignorance.

    • The comment about similar stories seems to suggest claims are ignored. But they’re not. Large scale studies costing millions of dollars and hours of work looked at claims of vaccines harms. They found that claims that vaccines cause autism, allergies, SIDS and many other things they’re alleged to cause.

      Evidence matters.

    • For those of you who think vaccines cause autism, I would encourage you to read about the Brian Hooker case at USCFC and the Michelle Cedillo Case. The latter can be found in The Panic Virus, by Seth Mnookin. These are two cases where parents were convinced the children changed after MMR but medical evidence proved the children had, in fact, been showing clear developmental delay signs long before the MMR.

      As parents, we are not infallible. We miss things. And it is easy to blame something concrete, like vaccines, than think that our children’s struggles are based on nature. But, when many studies look into a connection and find none, then you are not doing your children OR MINE any service by blaming vaccines. Shame on you for not understanding the science. Your children deserve to be treated as humans, not damaged goods. They are not damaged.

    • Evidence Matters!

      That depends on who has paid for it and who is interpreting it! Dr Lyons-Weiler’s evidence is solid yet you so flippantly dismiss them!

      Science is never settled and new evidence replaces old ones, yet you pick and choose your evidence when there is ever mounting evidence to the contrary.

      With all the science knowledge you have, pray tell what causes autism? You so easily dismiss vaccines and can’t even bare to agree they may contribute to autism even on a small scale! Why? When there is ample peer reviewed published scientific papers showing causal link to encephalopathy, autism and deaths from various vaccines and their ingredients, at a far higher rate than 1 in a million.

      I reiterate, shame on us and hope our children forgive us for our ignorance.

    • Kathy, I never said my child was damaged so please don’t put words in my mouth.

      My son has active measles in his gut lining which is from his MMR vaccine. I am not making this up, the hospital where he was tested has all this evidence. The Drs cannot tell me why the measles from his vaccine ended up in his gut lining which has caused lesions in his intestines which constantly shed to rid them from the virus.

      So before you unknowingly call me unscientific and without knowing all your facts, do not tell me to be ashamed of myself. The shame is on all of us. We all put trust in our Drs thinking they know best, but not one checks for pre-existing mitochondrial conditions or a genetic predisposition before jabbing our innocent babies. If I am unscientific, my Dr shouldn’t have been. Now my son is paying for that Dr’s ignorance.


    • Jacqueline, how strange that your child has something associated only with Andy Wakefield. In USA, hospitals don’t make diagnosis like that. That certainly is not considered good medicine here. I am sorry you have a disabled adult son. I see that you practice homeopathy and chinese medicine. In USA, we consider those to be pseudoscience. So, forgive me if I don’t believe your stories. This is about science, not pseudoscience.

    • Practically every paper he has quoted so far, but here’s a few to get your teeth into:

      “Long-term persistence of vaccine-derived aluminum hydroxide is associated with chronic cognitive dysfunction.” (2009)

      “Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration.” (2009)

      “Aluminum-induced defective mitochondrial metabolism perturbs cytoskeletal dynamics in human astrocytoma cells.“(2009)

      “Role of metal ions in the abeta oligomerization in Alzheimer’s disease and in other neurological disorders.” (2008)

      “Aluminum adjuvant linked to Gulf War illness induces motor neuron death in mice.” (2007)

      “Neurological adverse events of immunization: experience with an aluminum adjuvanted meningococcal B outer membrane vesicle vaccine.” (2007)

      “Mechanisms of aluminum-induced neurodegeneration in animals: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease.” (2007)

      “Inflammation, neurodegenerative diseases, and environmental exposures.” (2004)

      “Chronic exposure to aluminum in drinking water increases inflammatory parameters selectively in the brain.” (2004)

      “Neurotoxic effects of aluminium among foundry workers and Alzheimer’s disease.” (2004)

      “Neurological adverse events associated with vaccination.” (2002)

      “The potential role of aluminium in Alzheimer’s disease.” (2002)

    • Almost none of these papers are about autism, several
      Are not about vaccines, and several are the work of Shaw and Tomljenovic who consistently do bad work and were criticized by the WHO for it.

      To be solid, evidence has to be on point and scientifically valid.

    • Not strange at all Kathy.

      Professor Walker-Smith, leading gastroenterologist at the Royal Free hospital diagnosed my son’s condition and highly reputable labs in UK identified the vaccine strains as my son never had measles but miraculously measles appeared in his gut lining.

      The fact that homeopathy and Chinese Medicine relieve my son’s symptoms when no western medicine would even touch his pain and suffering is something that matters to my son and his quality of life. So pardon me if I went and studied these modalities to help my son live a better fulfilled life instead of suffering in pain with every mouthful of food.

      I really don’t care what anyone thinks about homeopathy or Chinese medicine and certainly don’t care what your opinion is. It has changed my son’s life to the point that he can eat without pain. That’s good enough for me.

      If you think you can reduce my experience by mentioning Dr Wakefield, then think again. That ship has sailed.

      It is curious that all “new” evidence show the gut brain connection especially in autism…… Hmmmm what was that study Dr Wakefield “co-authored” with 11 other Drs?! novel bowel disorder in kids with autism?! how curious!
      Is science catching up with their findings from 1996?!

    • There is no evidence to show that MMR causes autism. Some children with autism, but not all, have digestive issues. MMR does not cause autism. I am sorry you have been misled. I am sorry you are so angry. I wish I could give you peace and understanding.

    • You really don’t have to be so patronising!

      I am not angry and I do not need your sympathy.

      I am very content that my son can manage his gut issues with the help of amazing herbs created by mother nature.

      No matter how many time you repeat “MMR doesn’t cause autism” in one paragraph, doesn’t make it a fact.

      My son has active measles in his guts and it is not a wild strain. It has been established to be a vaccine strain. FACT.

      His gut issue caused his brain damage which manifested as autism.FACT.

      My son’s autism was caused by his vaccines. FACT.

      His immune response was faulty and the virus ended up in his intestines. FACT.

      His paediatrician didn’t check for genetic predisposition. FACT.

      I cannot sue the vaccine makers as they are protected. FACT.

      UK Legal aid does not cover vaccine lawsuits.FACT.

      UK taxpayer funds my son’s disability benefit. FACT.

      I can go on, you get the picture. You really don’t need to keep responding to my messages as they don’t change a thing. FACT.

    • Really?! how very scientific of you! I have noticed your scientific responses above and below!

      My so called “story” is what science is based on. Without people like me there would be no case studies leading to research.

      I have a science background, my sister is a GP, my other son is a medical student, my whole family are Drs and Lawyers in fact! So please don’t be so flippant in your responses.

      My son’s life is not a story but a reality and he is not the only one. Just because the powers that be have impeded our route to compensation for their negligence does not justify your disrespectful comments.

      However, I am not bitter as I believe the balance has shifted and your days are numbered. Before long you will all be eating humble pie. That’s good enough for me.

      It is said that ignorance is bliss….. I wish you peace in your blissful slumber.

    • I did science A’levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. This is equivalent to your pre-med studies in USA.

      I then decided to pursue my love of arts and graduated from the top art University in London, Central St Martins, you may have heard of it!

      I worked with Catherine Walker and dressed Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Sinatra, etc…. to name a few.

      I am very proud of my achievements and I always succeed to the best of my ability. It runs in my genes (family).

      My son almost died of SIDS if it wasn’t for the quick actions of my sister (GP) and pure luck that she was staying with me that night. Guess what, he had his DTP polio HIB vaccine that afternoon. Yup, you read it correctly, that afternoon. My sister (GP) was very concerned but I continued with his jabs and just was extra cautious each time. Until his MMR at 12months and 20 days. Our world changed that day. His gut issues began with a vengeance and Drs kept throwing antibiotics and anti-parasitic and you name it at my poor kid to no avail.

      As his gut worsened, so did his behaviour. My experience is no different to thousands of other parents.

      I never suspected vaccines until we went to the Royal Free Hospital. They discovered impacted stool the size of a grapefruit in his large intestines, which they cleared with great difficulty. That alone improved his pain.

      They then investigated further at my request to find out why his bowels were so impacted. Biopsies proved presence of Measles RNA & DNA which were matched to vaccine strains. ( I do not need to back my science as my son’s medical files are his property and I cannot and will not attach them to satisfy you.)

      Anti-inflammatories worked to some extent but had really bad side effects on his behaviour. It turned out that his liver could not metabolise certain families of drugs and they were causing adverse reactions.

      A friend introduced me to homeopathy and the first pill had such a profound effect on my son that I could not ignore it.

      I enrolled on a 4 year course and studied hard and passed with flying colours as I never do anything by halves! Then I studied 6 years of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, again passed with A’s from the university of Beijing.

      I did all of this from 36 to 46 years of age all for the love of my beautiful son whom I will cherish, love and support until my last breath.

      BTW, over half the population of our planet uses Chinese Medicine and acupuncture which is considered mainstream medicine in Asia, so I don’t know where you get the pseudoscience from! Western medicine is learning from the vast array of herbal medicines which have been used for centuries and are discovering the “scientific reasons” behind this amazing medicine.

      Another piece of information: did you know vaccine science is based on the homeopathic model of the 1800’s?! Homeopaths give a small dose of the antigen to help the body recover. Jenner used this information to come up with his first vaccine! You will find that Homeopaths where already using homeopathic doses of disease to cure disease at the time. Don’t take my word for it, look it up!

      So call me anti-science if it pleases you, but I have achieved a better health for my son without the help of the western model of medicine. My science knowledge helped me with all my studies and I am pleased to say that half the people in my class were GPs and consultants who were dismayed at the medicines they had to offer their chronically ill patients. They all are using Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy with their patients in their UK practices.

      I really am sorry that you have such an obtuse view of health and medicine.

      Perhaps I should look into voodoo?! You never know, I might pass that with flying colours too?! Any suggestions?

    • Several labs in the U.K., in service of Wakefield and his collaborators, purported to discover vaccine measles virus in the lining of the gut. That was shown to be based on shoddy methods and contamination. I have yet to see any good evidence of this being true.

      To remind you, Walker-Smith was working with Wakefield and appeared to have been misled by him. If that’s the source of the diagnosis, I recommend getting a second opinion by a better team.

    • I don’t know where you get your font of knowledge from! Are you an expert in all information around the world that contradict your mantra?

      For your information, Professor Walker Smith was Dr Wakefield’s boss, not vice vera. Secondly, all samples were double blind tested in Ireland with 100% accuracy.

      You tend to imagine that Dr Wakefield had this amazing power of persuasion to make everyone around him do as he told them to! Sadly not. He was but one member of a team of researchers who prior to sticking his neck out and refused to lie about their findings, was a highly reputable researcher with many published papers.

      So, say what you’re paid to say and deny everyone’s points to suit your agenda. I don’t really care. Deny till you are blue in the face but my facts are correct and well supported. Everyone is in a conspiracy to prove vaccines and autism are linked and you are the saviour of the planet. Happy?!

      It’s a shame everywhere you look and everyone you meet has a child with autism these days.

      Carry on ignoring the elephant in the room and keep pointing your finger at Dr Wakefield or any other scientist who calls you out on your ridiculous and baseless points.

      As if any of your counter points have any value. The truth is as clear as day.Millions of people’s experience cannot be denied no matter how many scientific papers you site. You are well outnumbered here.

    • The labs in the UK that did the measles virus testing were found non-credible during the Autism Omnibus Proceedings – and by the British government before. Yes, it does seem like Walker-Smith allowed Wakefield a lot of leeway. That group’s findings would not be taken seriously by anyone today, and led to disciplinary charges against three members, though after appeals, only Wakefield’s verdict stands.

      To remind you, the diagnostic criteria of autism was broadened. So yes, we catch more kids that need help. But studies in millions asks if vaccines cause autism, and the answer is a clear no.

      Even most parents of children with autism don’t buy into the myth today, though a small minority of hard core believers stand firm. It’s sad. It is bad for them, trapped in unjustified guilt and anger, and bad for children that are subjected to fake, often abusive, sometimes dangerous treatments for autism because of it (like chelation, HBoT, etc’.

    • Hilarious! You had to look that one up! I am glad you did and the only reason Dr Wakefield is the only one not yet exonerated is because he does not wish to throw good money after bad just to re-establish his membership with the GMC (General Medical Council) which treated them all so disrespectfully in such a corrupt manor which the Highest Court in our land found “baseless and erroneous”.

      The group was made a scapegoat and the GMC ruling was used as a warning to all Drs not to make the connection between vaccines and autism or your career will end up the same way. Well their method worked and people like you still quote the GMC finding which you have just looked up and found that the ruling was successfully over-turned! I love it! I didn’t think it would be that easy to lead you to the truth, which you yourself mentioned! Ha ha ha…

      Dr Wakefield has moved on. He doesn’t need GMC exoneration to be believed.

      None of the work the team carried out was found to be fraudulent or incorrect, therefore their diagnosis is sound no matter how you or your people try to spin this!

      Drs do not wish to be “Wakefielded” or waste their time, money or energy to fight a biased system, however the science is sound and the “myth” which you call it is alive and well and never as strong as it has been, by Drs and parents alike, all around the world.

      So you have just exposed the most important piece of the puzzle quite by accident!!! Thank you for that!

  • “Families with children who had autism spectrum disorder were less likely to vaccinate subsequent children. …[C]hanges in vaccination behavior may relate to adverse reactions to vaccine.

    “These differences in reported reactions … warrant larger prospective studies of adverse reactions to vaccine with the use of more objective measures, such as medical records and examination after vaccination…”

    Vaccination Rates among Younger Siblings of Children with Autism
    N Engl J Med 2017; 377:1099-1101September 14, 2017DOI: 10.1056/NEJMc1708223

    • As the letter pointed out, this may well be the result of recall bias – parents of children with autism remembering more issues.

      The letter also pointed out that like the other studies, there was no difference in rates of vaccination between children with and without autism. It adds to the evidence that vaccines don’t cause autism, it doesn’t contradict it.

    • I think that is very sad. I know many parents with children on the spectrum. Have one myself. We are all provax. It makes me sad that fear mongering affects this community so much. I have high hopes for groups like Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. People with autism, and their families, need support and respect.

  • Common Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (“Common Rule”)
    [10 CFR 745] Sec 745.103(b)(3), none of these rights were revoked by any subsequent legislation, including [21 CFR 50.24], which allows the relaxation of requirements for informed consent during emergencies. In fact the Common Rule re-asserted safeguards both for informed
    consent, and for special protections against coercion:

    §46.116 General requirements for informed consent.
    Except as provided elsewhere in this policy, no investigator may involve a human being as a subject in research covered by this policy unless the investigator has obtained the legally effective informed consent of the subject or the subject’s legally authorized representative. An investigator shall seek such consent only under circumstances that provide the prospective subject or the representative sufficient opportunity to consider whether or not to participate and that minimize the possibility of coercion or undue influence.

    So how could anyone call for coercion? And why does CDC and AAP condone it?

    Some homework for the Vaccine Risk Denialists:

    Nuremberg Code, and outlined in the Canterbury decision of 1972, and subsequent rulings, regulations, and laws governing informed consent requirements.

    See also Bryan Murray’s article in HEALTH LAW: Informed Consent: What Must a Physician Disclose to a Patient? American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, July 2012, Volume 14, Number 7: 563-566..

  • DR do you agree with this author that coercion is “necessary” to get people to vaccinate?

    “Both persuasion and coercion are necessary, and neither is sufficient. Laws serve as a critical safety net as well as a powerful symbolic statement of proimmunization social norms.”
    [Colgrove J Vaccine Refusal Revisited – The Limits of Public Health Persuasion and Coercion. N Engl J Med. 2016 Oct 6;375(14):1316-1317.]

  • The Special Masters have given awards to families of injured children whose diagnoses include autism at least 83 times. Vaccine-induce encephalopathy is their euphemism for autism. They say vaccines cause encephalopathy, and encephalopathy causes autism. But vaccines don’t cause autism. The first is true, the second is nonsensical and has no biological or medical meaning. In logic, a classic conditional syllogism on causality follows that if A causes B, and B causes C, then A is a cause of C. Vaccine court may have the authority to rule any warped way they want, but they can never break logic. Vaccine court is therefore fraudulent. Readers, see “Unanswered questions” Pace Environmental Law Review vol 28, 2011

    • Don’t be dishonest. None of those claims awarded was for vaccines causing autism. USCFC website is not working right now but page 7 of the Brian Hooker vaccine injury claim (which he lost) outlines why the court does not consider the Poling case to be indicative that vaccines cause autism and why they will not award a claim for vaccines caused by autism.

      No thank you, I don’t need to read a wonky opinion by four antivaxers. Again, bias much?

    • I’ve read through these cases. They include multiple cases of seizure disorders; cases where the government claimed autism as a defense – “the problem is the child has autism, it’s not a vaccine injury” – and the special master rejected the claim of autism – and so forth. None of these are cases of vaccines causing autism.

      To remind readers, the court repeatedly rejected claims vaccines cause ASD. As i’ve said before, when your best evidence is off-topic cases, some highly misrepresented, by a court that, when it actually looked at the issue, went the other way, it’s time to reconsider.

    • Actually, Dorit, it’s a terrible example. The children in the ’89-91 measles outbreak in Philadelphia were part of a religious sect that eschewed ALL medical interventions. Their sect did not permit IV hydration for severe diarrhea, antibiotics for secondary pneumonia, or even fever reducers.

      Legislators, prodded by vaccine industry lobbyists, took advantage of this unusual situation, using it (or misusing it) as an excuse to mandate universal invasive prophylactic intervention rather than mandating treatment for acute symptoms on a case-by-case basis.

    • This comment clearly refers to the Philadelphia outbreak, and was placed in the wrong place.

      It also suggest lack of familiarity with the Philadelphia events. There was no legislative intervention. A court issued a series of orders, starting with the minimal – requiring to check on children, and only ordering vaccination of specific children and specific families after earlier measures did not work.

      It was basically the only way to save the lives of children whose parents showed they would not act to do so.

      That makes it a good example of justified use of force.

  • “When [Dr. William] Thompson sent a letter complaining about the fraud to CDC director Julie Gerberding, her lackey, Robert Chen, chief at the Immunization Safety branch, stalked Thompson into the CDC’s parking lot to menace and threaten him. Thompson would be fired, Chen explained pointedly, if his complaints persisted.”

    Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC
    By Kevin Barry

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