he pharmaceutical industry now supports limiting prescriptions of opioid painkillers to a seven-day supply for acute pain management, PhRMA CEO Stephen J. Ubl announced Wednesday at a meeting of the White House’s opioid abuse commission.

“Too often, individuals receive a 30-day supply of opioid medicines for minor treatments for short term pain,” Ubl said. “Overprescribing and dispensing can lead to patients taking longer than necessary and excess pills falling into the wrong hands.”

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  • Define acute care management. I have had several such incidents if the definition is what I believe it to be. I have only once been given a month s supply of an opiate and that was for a chronic condition that lasted yrs. So I do not know why they keep touting this unrealistic view. The key is as your pain level goes down so does the med. 7 day rx fine if dr re evaluates the pt and rx s accordingly. Since a hard copy now not needed it any new rx can be picked up at pharmacy.

  • Such courage!. This will have the same impact as outlawing kerosene lanterns after Mrs O’Leary’s cow left the barn, literally.

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