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When pundits and political opponents warn that President Trump “is not mentally equipped” for the office he holds, that he might have “a psychiatric condition unfolding,” or that he could simply be “crazy,” it has little more credibility than the small hands/small [other anatomy] pseudo-medical assertion that the nation was treated to during the Republican primaries last year.

Two dozen mental health experts believed they could do better, and the result is the highly anticipated book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President,” which officially goes on sale next week.


The title’s reference to “danger” is crucial, for it opens the door to analyses that might otherwise violate a longstanding diktat from the American Psychiatric Association. Although its Goldwater rule prohibits APA members from commenting on the mental characteristics and possible mental disorders of public figures, psychiatrists have an even higher duty, some argue: a duty to warn, called the Tarasoff doctrine.

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  • What about this is so complicated? Donald Trump is a bad bad man who has cheated all his life, cheated with the help of Russia to get into office after he lied to the American people to build a base. His base are the gullible, he’s everything the psychologists say he is. He has the overall mental capacity of a ten year old, really IS as close to evil as one can get and should have been removed from office via the 25th amendment long ago but is still entrenched because half of congress is also corrupt. The Democrats should get busy and impeach him or stop complaining. What’s so complicated about this?

  • No not on the basis of what was said. There needs to be great care in making diagnosis without a lengthy history. Just on the moment shows how many psych professionals are undergoing hysteria themselves. May I suggest we restrain from the “the hobgoblin argument” for a moment and consider that if Mr. Trump has problems one might look at the society that played such an important role in hiring him and those that didn’t care enough to vote.

  • Don’t know if Trump is dangerous because of his mental condition. I know he is not helping others mental health who need pain relief. The strain on a persons mental health gets worse when they wake up from a surgical procedure with nothing for the pain, as I have at the VA. It is also bad for a persons mental health to stop needed pain relief after years of successfully helping a chronic documented pain patient. They don’t get addicted to the opioids, their body does. They are not looking for a high like an addict even though they are accused of it all the time by narrow-minded individuals who don’t have a clue or want to know. Yes Trump is bad for documented pain patients mental health and quality of life. The checks and balances didn’t work for them. Yes I am concerned about people who would let people suffer in silence with nothing to replace the pain relief that was discontinued so drug addicts could live, and the people who believe they are right for doing it.

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