he health insurer Cigna on Wednesday announced it will no longer cover OxyContin prescriptions for customers on its employer-based health plans, the second major announcement in two weeks from an industry group billed as an effort to slow the opioid epidemic.

Cigna also announced its intent to reduce opioid use among its consumers by 25 percent by 2019. Insurance consumers who have started OxyContin use for cancer or hospice care are exempt from the policy change.

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  • This is absolutely ridiculous. How is it acceptable to treat those with chronic pain like a junkie and the junkie like the ‘poor poor pitful you?” – do not give me this crap that addiction is an illness – addiction is a choice – or starts out as one anyway. The people who need this mediation to function should not be punished because there are those that could not control themselves – and to the other person’s point – YOU ARE RIGHT! There has been a heroin addiction problem in the country long before pain killers – go after the real problem or does that scare you? Here’s an idea – leave the medical treatment to the doctors NOT the government or our insurance companies! The epedemic now is if your in pain – to bad! We are treating our animals better at this point. AND (while i am on my soap box) – I know of 3 people right now who are on herion because they can no longer get the pain medication their doctors use to give them for legit reasons – one is a vet…. thanks for serving our country – but live the rest of your life suffering because some 20 year old decided to abuse the medication you need to put one foot in front of the other!!!!! SO good job government and insurance companies – YOU are fueling the heroin epidemic YOU!

  • Is unfortunate that I am one of these people to have to take this medicine to prevent the pain from for blown disc in my back meanwhile why Cigna makes me jump through hoops to try to get surgery I’ve been trying to get surgery for over two and a half years now from Cigna keeps denying the surgery the last round of BS that to prove that I don’t smoke enough to see a clinical Behavior specialist even though my doctor is rated I believe number 3 in the country for back surgery so now yet another hurdle that I must climb with a bad back and for blown disc this will do nothing to stop the opioid crisis many people who abused this medicine or should we say opioid are heroin users very few people they have prescriptions for this medicine abused it doctors are very strict in handing out this medicine they know the cost oh both the patient and themselves if they do not follow the rules correctly this is more than just a shame was he down right disgrace I have paid my insurance for two and a half years taking a second mortgage on my home and now still trying to get surgery so my to lose everything I’ve worked my entire life for and now went up in pain because some bureaucrats or politicians don’t know what it’s like to be in pain perhaps they need a compound fracture to change their mind there’s only so much meditation you can do to take your mind off of pain wonder how fast they change their mind with a compound fracture or for blown disc in her back oh that’s right they have the best insurance money can buy since we all pay for it Yours Truly Carl from Connecticut

    • Why don’t the GOVERNMENT put a STOP to the Heroin ??? because someone is getting PAID and just because some people do not do what the Dr said then we all must be punished well everyone is NOT the same so quit blaming the Dr because some addict dies of being dumb about taking his medicine. This makes me sick they keep saying leads to Heroin well not all people want to be on Heroin. If the government REALLY wanted to STOP heroin they could but again someone up high is getting PAID, follow the MONEY.

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