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WASHINGTON — When President Trump nominated Scott Gottlieb as the head of the Food and Drug Administration, he was quickly pegged by many as a conservative businessman who was cozy with the pharmaceutical industry.

Seven months later, he is attracting praise from some of President Trump’s staunchest critics — including former Obama administration officials. He may also be in line to succeed his old boss, Tom Price, as secretary of health and human services.

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  • Jim Walsh: Ditto.

    I also might add that Dr. Gottlieb appears to have taken proactive measures to mitigate critical drug shorts and down time precipitated by the hurricanes that have devasted PR. He also seems to be explaining the potential consequences in a language that Pres. Trump understands.

    My only questions are whether or not FDA can afford to lose him to HHS right now and who would replace him if he becomes Secretary of HHS.

  • It is good to see praise for Trump appointees coming from those who, for good reason, were suspicious of them. One is tempted to compare Trump to a stopped clock, mostly wrong but occasionally right. On the other hand, the appointment of Tom Price was like appointing Bernie Madoff to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    The criticism of Gottlieb for going after the low hanging fruit seems odd. Where else are you going to start? That does not mean a person is necessarily ignoring longer term problems.

    Congratulations to Gottlieb for a good job so far and to Kolodny for publicly noting it.

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