ENLO PARK, Calif. — The anarchist grew animated as he explained his plan to subvert a pillar of global capitalism by teaching the poor to make their own medicines — pharmaceutical industry patents be damned.

Then he took another sip from a flute of Taittinger Champagne.

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  • “The margins for error are very small.” Bullshit! The dosages are chosen to be very conservative – and for obvious reasons. Reduce the risk of a lawsuit. Since do-it-yourself biohackers have little interest in civil litigation, they can take risks the doctors would never take.

  • Without pharmaceutical control (prescribing privileges) most non-real-specialist physicians would have empty waiting rooms and drug prices would plummet.

    The conceited fiction is that only MD`s have any brains or training and therefore are essential to protect patients from themselves.

  • This will go on the shelf next to the beer brewing kit. There will be hundreds of people world wide that will buy it. As a result Eli Lilly will go the way of Kodac. ; )

  • I am already doing kitchen alchemy for Diabetes, and Blood pressure control.
    I wish I could get blue prints and knowledge about this bio hacking stuff,
    But most articles such as this one lead to a dead end, no references or Bulletin boards to join. Leaving me fishing through ToR or 4chan for the where abouts of this info.
    I love the anarchy overtones here, DIY is a poor mans dream, remember poor in the medicine world is anything under $200,000 a
    year. Thats the cost of one Chemo therapy round.
    These negative comments don’t get it. It’s “Education” to attack Fascism” here.

  • He’s using capitalism to attack capitalism.

    He doesn’t realize, this is called healthy competition. Capitalism is profit by serving consumers.

    Like most liberals, he has no sense of basic economics.

    • Actually, his low-carb diet will keep him healthy while your diet of Coke and Cheetos will clog up your veins.

  • This guy brags about stealing intellectual property (drug patents) and encouraging others to use them to make their own meds. He seems to misunderstand the idea of a patent. A patent simply means you can’t make the drug and then sell it without permission of the patent holder. If you make the drug and sell it, then you are violating the patent. However, if you make the drug for yourself, and take it rather than selling it, then you aren’t violating the patent. I think he’s confusing a trade secret with a patent. Trade secrets aren’t published in a public location, and you would need to steel them just to get access to them. Medicines aren’t trade secrets, but rather are protected by patents. Patents are publicly available, so there’s no reason to steal them. You can easily get a copy from the US Patent Office.

    • Actually, read Don Lancaster’s excellent writing on patents. If you patent something, anyone can read the patent and make one for themselves. It just means they can’t go into business making and selling them.

    • Not entirely true…infringement is infringement regardless of whether money is involved, but it’s civil law so prosecuting and obtaining a meaningful ruling requires proof of damages, i.e. money. Basically DIY infringement is like breaking one of those obscure “don’t wear a hat on third street on Tuesday” type local laws, technically illegal but nobody actually cares.

    • There is some misunderstanding of patent rights here. A patent owner has the right to stop others from 1) making, 2) using, 3) selling and 4) offering to sell the invention. So, no, the DIY person cannot MAKE the patented medicine – even for his or her own use. There is no personal exemption to patent rights. Now, as a practical matter, it would be difficult to envision a pharmaceutical company going to the trouble of funding expensive litigation just to sue a single person over his or her use. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

  • He’s doing this for the “poor,” but tell me how many “poor” are going to be able to afford the equipment needed (like a scale that can measure fractions of a gram)?

    Let’s see, “cash-poor, uninsured patient who desperately needs an expensive drug — and who is also a sophisticated and supremely competent tinkerer. Needless to say, that’s a small market.” Yeah, small as in count on fingers of one hand.

    Another grandstanding leftist in hipster clothing selling fake ideas. A true biohacker is discovering. He’s just copying.

    • At least he’s TRYING to help the poor so they don’t have to DIE because they can’t afford life saving meds. What are YOU doing to help the poor?

    • @MisterAnon Putting out a product mockup that apparently nobody has ever tried (and may well injure them if they do), plus displaying a bunch of parts and emitting a lot of hot air doesn’t qualify as “helping the poor” in my book. Helping actually means doing and accomplishing something. Seems like he’s more in this to promote his Antifa outlook on life.

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