MENLO PARK, Calif. — The anarchist grew animated as he explained his plan to subvert a pillar of global capitalism by teaching the poor to make their own medicines — pharmaceutical industry patents be damned.

Then he took another sip from a flute of Taittinger Champagne.

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  • In my ideal world, there would be a two-tier method of obtaining drugs and precursors currently under prescription. The first tier would make ANY drug available to anyone without a prescription. The possessor would sign a release absolving the manufacturer, pharmacy business and pharmacist from any liability for adverse reactions or misuse. The second tier would be the system currently in place where prescriptions would offer a degree of protection from adverse reactions.

    • Why do you need someone else to blame???
      People need to accept full responsibility for their own actions. Do your own research, and if you decide to use this guys recipes, then do it at your own risk.

    • Wow, you are making a steep assumption that all people who experience adverse drug reactions are receiving settlements through litigation! How naive

    • In my little county in the middle of nowhere people die everyday as a result of poor medical care. Who pays for these deaths? No one. Medicine has been ruined by capitalism… greed.

  • Disregard my last comment. Only look at the autoinjector. He is not doing meds! Yet 🙂 but also going up with big pharma’s current devices for delivery of drugs!

  • Dear Charles. A Danish sclerosis patient did a lot of more relevant and actual innovation because he always had troubles due to his disease . He is not Hipster smart WordPress. But he managed to do this all by him self. Look through that and see his range of reusable and disposables. But attention always given to the smart ones. Not necessarily the best ones.

    I have tried the other device and it’s only for one type of syringe and It’s slams very hard. Have you tried your self ? I suggest that you make reviews from real patients. That would be real investigative journalism.

  • Has anyone actually checked out the website. There is basically nothing there! For the epi pension you get you epinephrine from your doctor, load it in a syringe, and put it in a commercial plunger type product. The actual reactor is unavailable. It’s in beta. Nothing to see here…Well written articles though.

  • What’s with these so-called “anarchists” appealing to government authority for a redress of their grievances? That’s like someone saying, “I’m an atheist, but I go to church and pray when times are tough.”

    The guy is as much of an intellectual fraud as he implies the drug companies to be. But I’m sure his well appointed wardrobe and timely quotes from the proper left-leaning writers gets him laid. That’s the true priority with these guys. If Stat bothered to investigate the lovers in his life I have little doubt his whole Peter Pan facade would quickly dissolve.

    • You couldn’t have written it better, anarchist with a strong state behind him i would like to see him living in Venezuela

  • You want to help people get access to drugs? Try becoming a pharmacist and create change from the inside. Or is Gandhi not really a well mused role model of yours? Last I checked the downtrodden are no DIY experts- one mistake might mean one’s life. But that’s not murder, that’s merely an attempt to prevent an act of murder. Trying using more than just that sophisticated Wernicke’s.

    • I am a pharmacist. Change is not possible unless you want men with guns to kidnap you. Black market epi-pens is possible.

    • To add to that black market comment. Black market epi-pens could kill people just like tainted heroin kills people. If it were legal to make and distribute your own drugs, quality would take the place of quantity. Honest people would want their product to be the best. The war on drugs includes prescription drugs too.

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