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I’m confused — and mad — about the Food and Drug Administration’s plan to delay the implementation of the much-needed new food label, the iconic rectangle of nutrition information that adorns food packages.

Eighteen months ago, then-first lady Michelle Obama announced that she was “thrilled” that the FDA had finalized a new and improved label. It was going to be required on all packaged foods by July 2018. But now the FDA has proposed pushing back the required date to January 2020.

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  • Such important information! Thank you Joan S Blake for putting it so succinctly for us commoners and with such wit! I am not a 1/2 cup Ben and Jerry girl either. And now that I am recovered from insulin resistance, sugar information is so vital for health. FDA: help us make it easier to help ourselves!

  • I completely agree with you, Joan. This is disheartening. It seems that the FDA isn’t taking this very seriously, when in fact, the sooner we can get the public educated and exposed to this new label, the more benefit the public will have. I hope that the FDA takes everyone’s comments to heart and does not have their own agenda with this.

  • This is tragic! I’ve become an avid label reader trying to keep my weight down as well as trying to eat healthier. It’s helped me realize that low fat doesn’t mean low calorie, some fats are healthier than others and serving size on some labels is a fantasy. I applaud the giant food companies who have already complied. Why is this administration eliminating all that is good and helpful to the average person just to be contrary?

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