ASHINGTON — Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) on Monday said she would introduce legislation to repeal a 2016 law that hampered the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to regulate opioid distributors it suspects of misconduct.

The new bill would rescind a little-noticed law championed last year by Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.), who President Trump has since nominated to serve as “drug czar” and director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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  • Why is it that the WORSE criminals, right in congress, not facing prison time? No consequences. …… nothing! Pure evil, the opioids have been maiming and killing our kids for years and now we have the heroin epidemic, bleck. This happened to my young son, by his family practice doctor, for a condition with no diagnosis! !! He prescribed him very high doses of opiates every single month…….until we finally found out, by then he was terribly addicted ? Such evil, they have caused such heart ache , all for money.

  • I’m googling everything trying to find which Democrats voted for this bill restricting DEA efforts to crack down on drug companies. I would also like to see how Obama justified signing it. Thank you.

  • The DEA has been out of control for years. The chronic pain patients are suffering!! Shame on Claire McCaskill for trying to repeal bill. I have voted Democratic my whole life, but no more.

    • It’s a bad bill and is a major reason for our current opiod crisis.

      I doubt you ever voted democrat if that is your response.

  • nominating individuals into government position is not cleaning the “swamp” it’s making the water dirtier and allowing the maker of drugs rack in more money and weaken any govermental control when the nominees are getting money from drug companies.

  • I pray this bill is repealed. I know so many who have died and/or are struggling due to this horrific epidemic. Including my son! Shame on congress!! Shame on the lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies!

    • Anything that weakens drug distribution companies of pushing opoid addiction is good. Shame on you, D.

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