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Rep. Tom Marino, President Trump’s nominee to be the country’s drug czar, has withdrawn his name from consideration following a report that he pushed a bill that weakened enforcement of suspicious drug distributors.

The withdrawal, which Trump announced in a tweet Tuesday morning, comes just two days after the Washington Post and “60 Minutes” reported that Marino, a Pennsylvania Republican, spent years pushing for the industry-backed bill while receiving nearly $100,000 in campaign contributions from industry-affiliated groups.

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  • Another Swamp denizen bites the dust. Yet “the Base” still thinks the swamp is draining. It’s not, of course. It is just overflow from bigger and nastier alligators replacing the old ones. Punkteinprozent uber alles!

  • If the 60 Minute Story on the DEA is anywhere near the truth, Congresspersons who voted for the bill should be ashamed of themselves. Your getting re-elected is not important enough for you to be undertaking legislation like this to garner more funding.

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