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It’s a telemedicine app that seems rather innocuous — enter your info, have it reviewed by a physician, and get a prescription. The California-based company behind it has raised millions to support its mission of expanding access to the pill, ring, or morning-after pill with minimal hurdles.

But that last option is now starting to attract pushback from anti-abortion activists, who consider the morning-after pill equivalent to abortion — and who say lax telemedicine laws are enabling access to this drug with insufficient oversight.


Nurx, an app that’s been called the “Uber for birth control,” lets patients obtain a variety of contraceptives from the touch of a smartphone; it also gives women access to Plan B and Ella, two forms of the morning-after pill, which is effective in preventing a pregnancy after sex. Women can order these drugs in a few easy steps: answer a series of health questions; provide basic demographic information; and choose a preferred drug. A doctor then reviews the patient’s information, writes a prescription, and the drug is delivered to either the patient’s home or her local pharmacy.

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  • It is with dire sadness that I have to write to a company that wants to make women take contraceptives and be proud of it-? Since when are women to be treated like machines, like objects – in effect contraception makes them be human semen depositories but at the same time contraception does not allow a woman to be herself- it cuts off the vitality of a woman – it gears her to be a money making entity – a human is reduced to how much money it can make for a company as oh my having a baby will derail those plans- having to have her go on maternity leave- we can’t have that oh no how much productivity will she miss by having a baby – it is with extreme sadness that I see companies not being open to life- without human beings we don’t have the talent that we need to have in order to get the future going- yes? Who is going to have our babies some AI machine? Who is going to raise our kids some robot? This attack on the traditional family is just mind numbing- maybe a simple google on this matter will help women open up their eyes- the first time I had to take a contraceptive pill for a fibroid issue I vomited profusely- I felt like I was ingesting poison- one pill was all it took to throw the whole bottle into the trash-

    Oh and if the contraception fails there’s that abortion clinic down the street- why don’t you tell that to Ms. Giann Jessen- a late term abortion survivor- it’s time to cut out the lies out of this culture and take back the power that women have given away without so much of a thought to what they are actually doing…

    • It is really terrifying that the Catholics want to return women to the Dark Ages. Since no agency keep track of the number of dead, we have no facts about how many women are denied basic pregnancy healthcare, due to the effects of religious hysteria. We have no idea how many babies and fetuses have died due to religious interference. The mass media refuses to cover the dangers of Childbirth, due to religious zealotry, which has caused the infant and maternal death rate to climb. The US is the only developed country where this is occurring.
      Anyone who believes that religious zealots should control healthcare, should really just look at history. In Ireland where the Catholic Church was in charge of every aspect of people lives, we can visit Tuam, and other sites. The bodies of infants, children, and women who died at Tuam, were conveniently disposed of in a Cesspool.

      Don’t let the false concern for women souls concern us, just look at History.

  • Argue the science (isn’t it strange how science is only important to conservatives when it comes to controlling women’s bodies?) until you are exhausted. It really doesn’t matter what the Control Uterus Not Testicles crowd do to try and limit online purchases.

    There are several reasons why the efforts to control this will be squashed flatter than a breast in a mammography:
    1. The online lab testing companies with doctor prescriptions built in and other med dispensing efforts will not want to curtail their own businesses at the whim of state regulators;
    2. All of the boys who want to continue with their pornography in the basement will oppose the very efforts to control the internet that this effort will raise. This is not about abortion or fertility-it’s about access as consumers on an international global playing field and people taking back control of their bodies from a pharmaceutical/medical profession that brought us the opioid epidemic.

  • The premise of the article is false; so-called “morning after pills” are considered to have a MOA of abortion by almost all intellectually honest scientists. Ella is a chemical cousin of mifepristone and works directly as an abortifacient like mifepristone (RU486).

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