OSTON — Dave Matthews describes his cancer as “the monster inside me.” It’s the one thing he cannot control.

And over the summer, it began to look as though the monster would prevail.

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  • Cancer prevention with eye drops containing dorzolamide

    Cancer cells cannot exist without trans-membrane carbonic anhydrases, which regulate pH inside and around the cancer cells. For that reason inhibitors of CA9, CA12, and CA14 inhibit and prevent cancer growth. Late professor Thomas Marren, developed soluble preparation of sulfonamide/dorzolamide to treat and control glaucoma. I discovered that these inhibitors totally suppress these enzymes and inhibit cancer cell growth. Daily intake of this drug (1-2 drops in the eye or nose) is safe and would prevent/cure cancer. This is effective, not expensive and already approved by the FDA for topical application in the eye to treat and manage glaucoma.

    Daily intake of this drug (1-2 drops in the eye or nose) is safe and would prevent/cure cancer.

  • Damian,

    Thank you for incredible job you did in putting together all the facts, my personal accounts/interviews conducted, in making this not only an informative but interesting read. I’ve had many friends and family members comment on how educational it was and eye opening for them.

  • Has fever, as a result of an infectious disease, ever been reported as stimulating T cell proliferation and causing the same cytokine storm? If so, it would be a less expensive alrernative to deliberately infuce an infection

    • Yes, a good insight — over 100 years ago William Coley injected patients with cancer with a broth of bacterial species, mostly Streptococcus and Serratia. The resultant “Coley’s toxin” induced cytokines that led to some remissions. Some patients died of infection. The Coley’s toxin experience is often cited by immunotherapists as helping inspire their work. The bacterial injection was certainly much cheaper but the new CAR-T cells are many times more effective and targeted more narrowly at the cancer.

  • CAR-T is promising in supercharging the immune system to fight off cancers. Let science also go upstream and figure out what is degrading the individual immune system in the first place, enabling the cancers to grow, spread and accelerate. There is more being done in this arena than many are aware.d

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