resident Trump says drug makers are “getting away with murder” — and these days, there are few companies that better embody his frustrations than Celgene.

The drug maker keeps lots of cash overseas. It does some of its manufacturing abroad. Three times this year, it’s hiked the price of its best-selling cancer drug. And the man presiding over the company, Bob Hugin, donates lots of money to “political people,” which Trump has blasted as a bald attempt to curry favor with the establishment. (Though, inconveniently, Hugin has also donated to Trump himself.)

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  • http://alph.st/b66333fb I think the 11% hike in Celgene’s product sales in the recent quarter is mainly because of the increase in their drug prices. Remember, on October 19th, Celgene had increased prices of Revlimid and Pomalyst drugs.

  • Are we still pretending that something Trump says has any meaning or purpose other than serving himself?
    He is like a used car dealer, if you like it red, he likes it red too, if you rant against imported cars he will too, and viceversa and so on.
    publicly despising pharmas to please voters and media. Being cozy and sweet while playing golf with pharma execs (as long as they let him win)

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