“Investors like yourselves are consistently being duped by people like Adam Feuerstein.”

That’s Steve Kriegsman, chairman and CEO of CytRx (CYTR), telling a small group of angry shareholders on Friday that I’m the bad guy, responsible for the beleaguered biotech company’s problems.

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  • Great article, Adam. I find it amazing that its so easy (for CYTR) to dupe people – when you invest in preclinical pharma, you need to understand the risks and when to get in/out. People can say all they want about whoever’s news articles influencing stock… regardless, if their candidates and development programs were successful they wouldn’t have to worry.

    To CYTR investors – either get out or stay in for the long haul and realize that you won’t see the value you want until the clinical data backs up the hype. Stop complaining.

  • Cancer patients don’t think having less side effects and keeping their hair is a failure . A failure is you who is a blogger for a job . What a joke and a loser .

    • Adam might be saying the truth about somethings and partial truth about other things… but his MALICE intentions cant be masked no matter how hard he tries… His personal vendetta with SK, and his short position must be factored when we judge the guy… Keep in mind, the man is UN-qualified to be a journalist or man of science

  • Adam, may I observe that as the song goes – you’re “good-bad but he’s not evil.” (Then again, you may be too young for that song from the mid-60’s.)

  • few days before the 30 million offer was announced shorting increased from 10 to 22 million shares… following offer announcement short interest dropped by 11 million shares… short sellers benefited from you tweet and stock value was seriously damaged… I hope SEC do serious investigation of all involved … we want to know the truth and see justice served

  • He blamed you for leaking the 30 million shares offer news before it became public. we share holders don’t approve what he did then (among many other things) but you role was damaging to us. you are hurting every day ordinary people and cancer patients with your personal vendetta against SK. How did you know about that offer? why did you tweet that?

  • Why don’t you write about the leak and insider information you used to drop the news about a PO before it was made public? That would make a good story. Title it “How illegal trading happens”.

  • Nah. That’s not what he said, you’re not as important as you’d like to believe. What was actually said was that the illegal leak of a potential deal published by you was the type of garbage that has to be dealt with.

    Let’s face it Adam, head of whatever at statnews, you’re hardly big league.

  • Needing to boost subscriptions? Too bad you lied to get a job writing about Bio companies when you have no background for it. You wouldn’t know a stat sig to save your hair.

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