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The White House’s commission on drug addiction and the opioid crisis on Wednesday released its final report, a list of recommendations that include an expanded drug court system, educational requirements for prescribers, and a media blitz to spread the word about preventive services and treatment availability for substance use disorder.

The report includes 56 distinct recommendations, many of which now fall to Congress, a number of federal departments, and local governments to fund and implement. President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency on Oct. 26. The six-member commission will vote to approve the draft of the final document during its meeting on Thursday afternoon.

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  • How many people a year die from taking their opioid medicine as prescribed? Almost none I’d bet, so why is the government targeting them? Follow the money, bet you’d find insurance companies are behind the hysteria.
    Have you ever wondered why our government can’t control the flow of herion across the border? They say they’d have to search millions of cars and containers every day but that’s a lie, all they’d have to do is turn it off at the source. You mean to tell me that neither the American government nor the Mexican government can find the source? National Geographic did when they did a story on Mexicos drug trade a few years ago.
    What about the fentinol coming in from China that’s killing so many? Why can’t our government stop that at the source when the packages come with a return address?
    Put your money glasses on and follow the money.

  • SO. Sick of comments about this ! Have MS CHRONIC PAIN !!! Wish I could have everyone experience it !!! JUST for an hour ! So tired of feeling like an addict ! In recovering alcohol and drugs almost 17 yrs. !!! So now what !!!

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