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WASHINGTON — The medical expense deduction targeted for repeal by GOP tax writers has helped to offset costs including nursing home care and fertility treatments, laser eye surgery, and travel out-of-state for a second opinion on a rare cancer.

Several million people unlucky enough to face big medical bills not covered by their insurance would lose a valuable deduction under the House GOP bill. Groups representing older people and patients are trying to save it.

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  • All arguments against dropping the medical deduction are purely spurious. Look at the rising costs of care and prescription drugs.
    Leave the medical deduction alone or have the Government pay for ALL incurred costs !!

  • What about my daughter who was disabled by a drug made for prostrate cancer. She has been disabled since 2004. Had lost her way of
    life. She had to take all her retirement to try a get well
    Like many women in who are destroyed by the drug and had to pay tax on disability
    Also gov. took a piece of her retirement. Now cannot get proper medical care due to bad medical care.

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