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Pharma has had a rocky relationship with President Trump since inauguration, but the two agree on at least one thing: Corporate taxes are too high.

And yet the nation’s biggest drug makers aren’t paying anywhere near the top corporate tax rate Trump, and congressional Republicans, hope to slash.


Over the past three years, the 10 largest U.S. drug companies paid an average tax rate of about 20 percent. That’s well below the top rate, which is 35 percent. And it falls short of the 26 percent rate paid the average American worker over the same period, according to OECD data.

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  • Is the “government” misleading America or do our “elected” well paid “leaders” think that we are all totally ignorant ?????
    I, for one, am appalled that our “President” really believes his Tax Amendment Bill is actually helpful to Americans ???
    His proposed Tax Reform Bill doesn’t even deserve the time of Congress to review.
    Just heave it the trash bucket !!!!!!

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