LS has proven stubbornly resistant to medicinal breakthroughs, with just one new drug securing U.S. approval in the last 22 years. Cytokinetics (CYTK) hopes to change that with the readout of a large clinical trial within the next two weeks.

Success will require beating long odds. Here are seven things you need to know about Cytokinetics and its experimental ALS drug tirasemtiv before the clinical trial results are announced.

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  • David Salinas. I am not sure where your comment comes from. The basic DP costs about $200/mo. I don’t sell it and don’t control the price. You can buy it from Simplesa or buy the substances separately online. They are all on Amazon.

  • ALS patients respond to the DP which suppresses muscle symptoms and can be cured by a combination of antibiotics b/c it is caused by Borrelia and co-infections. So many dead, so much money wasted.

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