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Welcome to the corner office! Each month, we’ll turn to a new panel of biopharma executives for insights about leadership and management — and tips for thriving in a roller-coaster industry. To share your views in future columns, please fill out this short form. To suggest questions for our panelists, email STAT Plus Editor Liz Cooney at [email protected] This month, we asked:

What (or who) has most influenced your leadership style, and why?

Mike Varney, executive vice president, head of research and early development, Genentech, South San Francisco, Calif.

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  • Commitment, accountability, standards, quality, discipline. This is the essence of my generation’ bible, entitled “Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun”. It has been stated that Atilla’s principles were the forerunner of the modern day Total Quality Management system devised by Edwards Deming.

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