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President Trump has pledged to donate his third-quarter salary to fight the opioid crisis.

So what will that buy, exactly? We’re not sure yet. But it won’t go too far — considering the White House itself has said the opioid epidemic costs the nation about $500 billion a year in costs for medical care, law enforcement, and lost productivity.


His third quarter salary, by contrast, is a drop in the bucket at $100,000. It’ll be donated to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Here’s what Trump’s donation could buy:

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  • I suggest the author’s (Max Blau) supervisor find him something worthwhile to write about. What a worthless piece of ???? (can’t be called journalism).

    The health care industry is certainly expansive and varied enough for any junior journalist to find a meaningful topic to shuffle a couple of words about.

    Perhaps Mr. Blau might donate his salary to combat the opioid crisis if he doesn’t feel the president’s salary isn’t enough.

  • Can we not just acknowledge that Trump made a charitable donation to an issue that has rapidly become a national crisis without ascribing insincere motivation or injecting politics into every facet of American life? Yes, more capital will be needed, but every dollar counts. I much rather that he donate his salary than keep it.

    I’m sick of this crap.

  • $100K (less taxes) = $2K per state = 2 days of treatment for one person in each state or 12 naloxone kits per state. In Delaware there were 2,334 administrations in 2016. Every dollar helps, but far more is needed.

  • I am thankful for ANY help to combat the opioid crisis. I thank President Trump for donating his 3rd year’s salary to this epidemic. More needs to be done, of course. Too much heroin & meth is making its way into U.S. from other countries. This needs to stop.

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