recovery app, a therapeutic implant, and a non-narcotic pain drug are among the top ideas that will receive cash from an Ohio tech fund seeking to advance new solutions in responding to the opioid epidemic.

Ohio’s Third Frontier Commission, an economic development initiative focused on tech startups, announced Thursday that seven proposals would receive a total of $10 million. It’s part of a broader $20 million effort championed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich as a way to address a crisis that killed more than 4,000 people statewide in 2016.

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  • Legalise opiates with safe places to use or allow an adult to buy it legally from a chemist and allow him/her to go home and use in the safety of their home . It’s that simple and that easy as long as there’s education from schools and local services. I can’t see this sort of program go wrong .

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