Yesterday, I brought you the nice. Today, it’s the naughty: the nominees for the worst biopharma CEO of 2017.

Even in a good year for biopharma, there’s always a crop of CEOs, through their actions or words, who manage to screw up badly enough to make the rest of us cringe. Or get angry. I always have fun compiling this list of bungling biopharma CEOs. And here they are. You’ll get a chance to vote at the bottom of this post.

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  • CytRx is notable as one of the very few penny stocks that has been used more than once as a pump-and-dump vehicle by Howard Appel and Mark Tompkins, both stock fraud recidivists. Most stocks they exploit are left for ruin after one round. But go through past years of penny-stock promoters’ newsletters, and you’ll find that CytRx gets the fraud treatment a few times over the years. This company has never had any actual concrete drug development plans.

  • None of this compares to the escalation of the drug war, now enlarging the front against people in pain. The war supported by STAT.

  • This is the total embodiment of greed and the absolute greed of our “health care system”.
    Such is the concern of our Congress. Personal gain; certainly not the welfare of our people.
    We have become a society of greed with no concern of the overall good.
    Sad, but TRUE

  • Interesting that Fleming Ornskov of Shire who sat there watching more than $30B of market cap evaporate would not be on top of this list.

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