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WASHINGTON — A spokesman for the Health and Human Services Department said Saturday the agency remains committed to the use of outcomes data and scientific evidence in its decisions, pushing back on the characterization of a Washington Post report that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now banned from using words like “science-based” and “transgender” in budget documents.

The spokesman, Matt Lloyd, didn’t respond to follow-up questions about whether the policy might apply more broadly, now or in the future, to other HHS agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration or the National Institutes of Health.

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  • Get POLITICS OUT of CDC!!! PERIOD!!! Your research and experiments are killing people, ie: inoculations! medication trials and approvals, your ethics and safety has disappeared!

  • What next? Will he ban the word “female” to avoid budgeting healthcare for women? This is not only ridiculous but insane. Presidential censorship of free speech is illegal and this should be immediately slapped down by a Federal Judge.

  • Looks like the Trump administration is taking a page from the fascist playbook. Let’s see how laughable the justification is.

  • Of course this is not about health or budget. It is mind control and needs to be described as such. It is the point where we cannot go about business as usual. I suggest the wholesale resignation/unsubscription of all professionals and subscribers directly affected.

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