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Here’s a high-confidence biotech prediction for 2018: Ampio Pharmaceuticals (AMPE) will not win approval for its osteoarthritis drug candidate Ampion because saline is just as effective.

In recent weeks, Ampio CEO Michael Macaluso has also told investors the company is garnering takeover interest from multiple pharma companies. This, too, will not happen.


Ampio shares closed 2017 up 352 percent, making the stock one of the best-performing biotechs for the year. Nearly all the gains came in the last two weeks of December following the announcement of “positive” (but not really) results from an Ampion clinical trial conducted in patients with osteoporosis of the knee. Ampio’s market market is closing in on $300 million. Unjustified.

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  • I had a big fight with Adam over Aria where he trashed them and was wrong a while ago. I invested in AMPE after my son made me aware of this company and their drug that could help my sick knee. I had arthroscopic surgury at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona a while back the Doctor then told me that there is no more cartilage to save and that I would need a knee replacement in the near future. I found a holistic kind of sport medicine Doctor who convinced me to get a series of saline injections in my knee. I went 4 times 6 weeks apart I experianced slight pain reduction for 4-5 days only. After 5 days my pain and clicking was back and that same thing happened for the 4 times I went. I was told that if I continue with the saline it would get better. After that time I called Ampion and told them I wanted to be part of the trial the pivot multi injection trial. I am classified as a KL3=KL4 I love to hike and play tennis and Tennis I could not play after my last knee scope. Hiking I continued with great pain and clicking of the knee. I would stretch and warm up for 10 minutes before a hike and ice my knee for for 3 days after a hike . After 2 hiking 3 times usually my knee would sweel and hiking would be out for at least 2 weeks. After my first injection at Tucson medical center I called the doctor at the trial and told him that I climbed a set of steep stairs that day with no click or pain in the knee. I asked him if I that was possible after 1 injection or I am crazy. I am about 2 years out from the injections on my right knee and my knee pain is completely gone I hike 1.2 miles uphill 4 times a week. I play in a tennis clinic every Sunday with zero pain and zero clicking in my knee. Ampion for me is a God sent miracle drug. My quality of life improved tremendosley and because I live a healthier life my cholesterol came back to balance my blood pressure is amazing and I lost 37 LBS. Adam Feuerstien is wrong on AMPION . I Contacted my contact at Ampio to ask them about the article they replied that it was inaccurate and that tried to send information and scientific data to Adams publication and received no response. Ampio told me that they will be happy to welcome Adam to Colorado to dig a little deeper and make available to him data and records . I asked again and they said for sure anytime. I am taking upon myself and pay for all expenses for Adam to travel to Colorado and dig a little deeper into AMPIO. I am at six zero two five one zero one nine six three make the call Adam if its the truth you seek.

    • I took a slightly different approach. I picked out all the inaccuracies in his article along with what would appear to be blatant lies, matched them up to what is public knowledge and built a timeline of the attack. I reported that to the SEC. Will our gov’t do anything to protect us from scum like this? Probably not. But I can sleep better tonight knowing I did what little bit I can do. BTW Adam, Ampion is a drug for Osteoarthritis not Osteoporosis. Perhaps a slightly more professional approach to your illegal activity might be a better way to go.

  • Adam, same BS with different month. The FDA designed this trial. Saline has shown approx 30% improvement. Ampion showed 71%.
    As for the BLA, Glaxo has preferred to do filings with FDA on companies on their own. Has asked companies to suspend filings while buyout being completed. No surprises here except you continuing your selective use of facts.

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