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As former majority leaders of the United States Senate, we understand the difficulty of arriving at consensus in our country’s often contentious political environment. Nowhere is this truer than with health care, perhaps the most polarizing domestic policy issue of our time. Health care costs continue to rise, straining the budgets of the American people, along with those of and federal and state governments. And our fragmented health care system fails to deliver the kind of coordinated and interconnected care that both patients and providers want.

Despite significant policy differences, we believe that Republicans and Democrats agree more than they disagree when it comes to health care. We all want a high-performance, high-value health care system with greater access, better quality, and lower cost. In order to achieve this goal, we need a person of integrity and competence at the helm of the Department of Health and Human Services. The good news is that President Trump has nominated just such a person, Alex Azar, who we both have come to know.


The secretary of HHS is one of the most important Cabinet positions in the federal government. The department has a budget of over $1 trillion and 70,000 employees, and its programs touch nearly every American:

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  • You have got to be kidding. This is the same Alex Azar who as an executive at Lilly raised the price of insulin by a huge percentage. Now you’re trying to convince the public that he will look out for their best interests. Give us a break. Oh I forgot you were both in congress no doubt sucking off the pharma dollar nozzle.

  • I am a widow I live on Medicare plus $100 pension I receive after working 17 years at one company. Living with my son with whom I share utilites food ect . Having had many operations (serious ) even though I have a medical advantage plan I barely make it.
    Please take care of the old folks who have worked and Paid into Medicare all of their lives . If I could I would gladly work as many of us do. My health won’t allow it. Think of yourselves , put yourself in our position , you will be old , and maybe in poor help .
    Thank you for reading this . (😀If you did) By the way i am 81 years old, probably your grandmother’s age. Please soften your heart for the helpless. Do whatever you can. Sincerely , Joan Torstrick .

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