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Oprah is beloved. Her fans love her. Stedman loves her. Even President Trump loves her.

The science community does not love her.


Oprah Winfrey has had indisputable influence over public health knowledge. Millions of people watched Winfrey every day for decades. She has a monthly magazine with her face on the cover. She has had a cable television channel, a satellite radio station, and a sweeping online presence. But at times, Winfrey has given a platform to people who promote medical treatments and health advice that aren’t based in evidence.

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  • Let us also not forget this closet racist is quoted as saying, “In order for racism to end, all old white people must die…” There is far more bad to this self-serving woman than there is good. She simply furthers her evil with a smile on her face (and a large deposit to her bank accounts).

  • This feminist would NOT want to see Oprah Winfrey nominated much less elected as president. Here’s why:
    1. Oprah is in love with wealth and power. I know those are popular right now but they do not lead to wisdom, justice or compassion.
    2. Oprah is in love with herself, not unlike the man-child now in the White House. Her magazine O showcases Ms. W, made up and photoshopped, on every cover and never with another person.
    3. Oprah’s obsession with her weight leads to shaming of women’s bodies that are not slender. Her multi-million dollar contract with Weight Watchers benefits her while leading women to think that there is magic in such weight loss plans. In fact, 95% of people who use WW regain all their weight and sometimes more over 2-3 years.
    4. Oprah has promoted some dangerous quacks on her shows, especially Phil McGraw while proudly proclaiming that she’s never seen a therapist.
    5. The woman cannot say the word vagina, calling it her va-jay-jay. Dear God, hold old is she??
    6. She is a good entertainer. She loves the limelight. She has no idea what a life of service might look like.
    7. Oprah is the most materialistic person I could ever imagine at a time when the world groans with the weight of first world consumption and the poor of the earth cry out of clean water and a place to sleep.

    I could go on but will not at this time. I would work actively to defeat any nomination of this woman.

    • As another feminist, I strongly agree, and would add another reason.

      She has no political experience in the least. While I think she’s more likely to learn and adapt than Trump, one of the many sources of chaos in the White House is that he treats being President as being the CEO of the United States, rather than being a position that inherently involves checks and balances among the branches of government.

      I’d have the same deep concern about anybody, regardless of how much I might support their positions, who proposes going directly from a CEO/business executive position to the Presidency.

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