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In a little-noticed announcement, Health Canada in October 2017 signaled its intention to raise the fees that drug makers will have to pay when they want to get a new medication on the market.

These user fees currently fund about 50 percent of Health Canada’s operating budget for regulating prescription drugs. Health Canada wants to increase that to 90 percent. In addition, it will rebate 25 percent of that fee if it fails to review new drug applications within an established period of time.

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  • I have been buying brand name drugs from Canada for many years. I have never had a problem with the brand name manufacturers. The cost of my Synthyroid, Symbacort, Ventolin, Retin A in Canada equal to the same inthe USA is at least half the price there. You ought to be worried about the generic drugs in India as they often change their compounds, the facilities are dirty and contaminated and there is very little supervision and monitoring by USDA but physicians continue to subscribe them as many drug plans will not pay for name brands. Screw citizens of US. What are the poor going to do?

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