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WASHINGTON — Since 1960, nearly 50 doctors have traded in their white coats for the suit jackets required in the halls of Congress. And there’s been one remarkable constant: The doctors-turned-legislators in those blazers have been overwhelmingly male and overwhelmingly Republican. Just a handful were Democrats and only two were women. None were both.

This year, Dr. Ramsey Ellis, a progressive hand surgeon from the Chicago suburbs, is working to change that. She’s throwing the support of a private group of more than 8,000 Democratic female doctors across the nation behind a slate of eight congressional candidates with the same qualifications: all women, all Democrats, and all doctors — pediatricians, gynecologists, and ER physicians among them.

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  • Single women who become Primary Care Physicians better pay off all debts prior to marrying and having children, otherwise, burnout and depression will become your reality for sure. Women although fully capable should NEVER work full-time, especially in Primary Care.

  • What a terrific article. I want to help, and I would never have known anything about this – thank you!

  • Imagine if there were a group just advocating to elect men. Policies should matter. Gender, or race ,and so forth shouldn’t

    • I don’t expect you to understand because you are aren’t a woman. You are priviliged enough not to have to worry about it.

    • There are groups who advocate just to elect men. Equal representation of gender and race matters.

  • Not sure why you blame MDs for being Republicans. It’s probably because the Democrat Party is a subsidiary of the ATLA.

  • This Creation was made by am Evil God, Thy name means, Glory of Disgrace. No man or woman, can opposed Thy Evil Will.
    Prophecies Celestial Terrorist Threats,from Heavenly Hell.
    Be your own Goodness if you can.
    Otherwise, You belong to Evil God.

  • Bravo! You have a donation from me. We need more Democratic physicians in Congress. Plus, female physicians have lower mortality and readmission rates as compared to male physicians. Given the existential threats to our nation from the current administration, I think we could use those skills in Congress too.

    BTW – there is a Democratic physician (Dr. Marty Olsen) running for the Tennessee First District Congressional seat held by Republican Phil Roe, who is quoted several times in the article. Both are OB-GYN physicians. Dr. Roe’s knee-jerk support for Trump’s cruel policies, and Roe’s failure to withdraw support in the face of Trump’s misogyny, has disappointed a great many women. Stay tuned – it should be a very interesting race.

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