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Unless someone swipes one of President Trump’s used forks from the Mar-a-Lago dining room and sends it to 23andMe for DNA analysis, the world will simply have to guess what the White House physician meant when he told reporters on Tuesday that Trump “has incredible genes, I just assume.”

“Incredible genes” may seem like hand-waving, but there’s no question some genetic variants protect against heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other killers. And Trump chose his parents well: His father died of pneumonia at 93 after developing Alzheimer’s disease but apparently avoiding cancer and heart disease. His mother lived to 88; her cause of death was not reported, but her only known ailment was osteoporosis.

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  • The report of him weighing 239 pounds leaves me rolling laughing on the floor. You should be questioning the doctor’s presentation, rather than justifying Trumps’s DNA perfection. He is a walking cerebral accident. IMHO.

  • Amazing! The amount of ridiculous question from the press regarding the presidents health never asked before regarding any prior president in the history of the U.S. The American people are on to this nonsense.

  • If Donald Trump is really 6’3″ or 239 pounds I will eat my 10.8 lb. cat. This article has many interesting aspects but it feels wrong that a scientist would accept someone’s report over her own eyes or documentation such as Trump’s drivers license which said he was 6’2″ years ago. We don’t get taller when we age. Was Dr. Ronny unwilling to muss his patient’s hair and thus had to leave the height bar up in the air at 6’3″? The man is clearly obese and likely weighs more than 239. But even at 239 and 74″ he falls in to the obese group with a BMI of 30.7. So do 35% of Americans; its not a horrific or shameful thing. But, due to his extreme narcissism Trump would find it unthinkable to own any negative characteristic, anything less than Great.

    One has to wonder what repercussions the White House MD would face were he to speak in a less than glowing manner about Trump’s health.

  • Thank you for another great, and very clear, article on the impact of genetic factors on health.

    The test that I would like the President to take is a heavy metals challenge test, which measures the heavy metals burden in the body before, and after, taking a chelator to draw out metals that are “stuck” in cells (bound tightly to electrons) of people who do not have great detoxification and methylation pathways. They build up over time, called “bioaccumulation,” and can cause harm. This is largely overlooked and only acute exposures are tested and treated in standard medicine.

    One needs more than intelligence and memory to be a great leader. One needs empathy, emotional intelligence, the ability to negotiate win-win vs. win-lose situations, the perspective of a longer time horizon, and balance and equanimity rather than anger and retribution.

    There is fascinating new research on the impact of heavy metals burden on personality traits and mental status. These can be treatable conditions. But they need to be diagnosed first.

  • Are his “incredible” genes perhaps better than others may have? Perhaps even “superior”? Not the best way to describe anyone’s health. What adjectives should the medical community use to describe those who are in poor health or who suffer disease?

    • Given the rich variation in genetic diversity, some people are in the fat and happy part of the bell curves when it comes to a variety of metabolic and detoxification processes. Others are at the ends – the long tails – which I called the “bell curse” at an FDA hearing on a medical device causing harm for many women.

      In a sense, this means they have less tolerance for foreign materials and toxins, whether they come from food additives and food “products” that are not natural to the human digestive system, or from heavy metals, plastics, or other medical device or dental materials (which curiously still have undisclosed mercury).

      Medical and dental devices have 24/7/365 impacts in the body, and are routinely and systematically overlooked as a factor in inflammatory chronic diseases. Poor health can result from device materials and metals allergies and sensitivities, immune reactivity (especially in contact with mucosal tissue in the mouth or body), development of autoimmunity, toxicity reactions, and development of neurological damage.

      If you are in poor health and have not been helped by conventional medicine, endless prescriptions, and countless specialists, it might be worth your while to see a functional or integrative physician, and a biological dentist, who have training and experience in looking at the body as an integrated whole.

  • The proven proof that “junk” food is indeed good for your health. All that fake research indicating that burgers, fries, sugar and fried chicken are bad for your health is just unpatriotic propaganda and a Chinese scam. The American way is always the best way.

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