There’s endless talk about precision medicine. But what’s really moving the needle — and what’s limiting its potential— now and in the future?

Those were the questions that brought together a handful of high-profile names in biopharma for a panel discussion on Friday at the final day of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in the Swiss resort town of Davos.

The lineup of panelists included Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Illumina’s executive chairman Jay Flatley, American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown, Singapore health official Tan Chorh Chuan, and Vas Narasimhan, who officially becomes CEO of Novartis next week. The panel was moderated by Linda Pizzuti Henry, the managing director of Boston Globe Media Partners, which owns STAT.


Some themes that dominated the conversation: How new technologies are changing the FDA’s regulatory priorities. The need to get more precise about preventing diseases. How poor representation of the world’s diversity could inhibit the advancement of precision medicine. And what’s real amid all the hype around artificial intelligence and computing power.

You can watch the full hourlong discussion below.

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  • pricision medicine is promising goal of human health and medical sciences .there are so much work to do for prcision mdecine and a long way to go but is worth doing !

  • When will we do the most basic things to protect patient and public health: like prescreening and pretesting people for tolerance or reactivity to medical and dental device materials? Like FDA recommends for hair color?

    Without Precision Devices and Precision Dentistry, we will never have Precision Medicine succeed. Its pitfall is lack of attention to precaution, prevention, and public health.

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