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Welcome to the corner office! We regularly turn to a new panel of biopharma executives for insights about leadership and management — and tips for thriving in a roller-coaster industry. To share your views in future columns, please fill out this short form. To suggest questions for our panelists,  email STAT Plus Editor Liz Cooney. This month, we asked:

What’s your top piece of advice for a student looking for a career in biopharma?

Parag Mehta, CEO, Aveta Biomics, Cambridge, Mass.: There has never been a better time to enter the pharmaceutical industry. Scientific advances of last couple of decades give high hopes to find cures for the diseases like never before. I would highly recommend to a student entering the pharmaceutical field to find an area of immense therapeutic interest to himself or herself, which serves as a motivation, a key ingredient for achieving success. Next, figure out the role he/she wants to play; be it in business area or in scientific or medical space.

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