ast fall some people in the know about influenza science got picky when it came time to get their flu shots.

They didn’t want to roll up their sleeve for any old vaccine on offer at their doctor’s office or workplace clinic. They sought specific products, the ones licensed for older adults that contain a performance-boosting compound called an adjuvant or more notably one of the two brands of vaccine not made — as most flu vaccines are — in eggs.

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  • Guidance to the public is scant. Most individuals do not refer to the CDC regularly, if at all. Public health departments must have funding for education so why are they not following that mandate? Perhaps it’s time for CDC, or Health & Human Services to participate in TV “infomercials” to educate the public on out how to avoid becoming ill with the Flu in the first place. Also offered should be advice on what vaccine is best for each age group. Move over Big Pharma!

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