ongtime Celgene executive Bob Hugin is launching a campaign to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate — making it likely that the high-stakes race in the pharmaceutical industry’s epicenter will become, at least in part, a referendum on drug prices.

Hugin, who retired earlier this month as Celgene’s chairman, plans to announce his candidacy on Tuesday. He’ll run as a Republican seeking to unseat Democrat Robert Menendez, who’s thought to be vulnerable in his quest for a third term after facing bribery charges in a case that has since been dropped.

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  • You have got to be kidding!!! At least there would be no doubt about his support for anything Big Pharma wants while the other 434 in Congress play dumb.

    • Bill a VERY fast Google search for your name returns a VERY successful bodybuilder if that is you then my question is would EVERY decision you made as an elected official absolutely be related to bodybuilding and in support of that activity with no regard for how it affected the people you were hired to serve?
      Substitute your profession for bodybuilding if you are a different Bill
      The point is that MOST read like 99% of honorable people when tasked to do a job go into it without expressing personal biases enough to disqualify them from being involved
      This guy no doubt understands the Pharma industry BUT so do I and I would NEVER give up my integrity in exchange for a few attaboys from a previous career/job/position
      For those who will vote for him, he will need to convince them that he is capable of being unbiased and ready to deal with NJ’s issues one at a time without being swayed by his old buds in the industry. I think he can do that as most can.

      I don’t know him at all but I do know that only 1% are so attached to their careers they would be willing to be accused of bias in support.
      I give the guy a break until proven otherwise. If not then couldn’t EVERYONE be accused of bias towards anything they did in their past or are attached to in their lives? is it just PharmaCo execs that get this treatment mentality when shifting to the public sector?
      Dr. Dave

  • What I think boggles my mind the most is that people will simply not vote for him because he was CEO for a company that HIRED him to make them profits. If he had run it into the ground the same people wouldn’t vote for him because he was an inept businessman
    Looking back to 2016 DJT was evil because he made a ton of money and yet was not good to vote for because he also used the bankruptcy system to get rid of the dents in some of his companies that didn’t do so well.

    CRAZY! damned if you do and damned if you don’t but NOWHERE does anyone suggest that because someone like this who has had decades of experience running a multi-billion dollar firm can easily transition over to running a multi-billion dollar state/federal system equally as well
    NO ONE is ever schooled in precisely what to expect in ANY business or Government the best we can do is to train and record our potential experiences and then use our skill sets to make the outcomes the best for the people that hired us (in his new project the people who voted for him from NJ)
    I think that his experience could very well be the KEY to reigning in PharmaCos because he understands what makes them tick and what areas to look at to lower costs to the public without significantly killing profits for their owners
    Dr. Dave

  • Wow. Talk about a headline that has no reasonable proximity to the article. The author says that drug prices has the chance, maybe, who knows to be “at least in part” a referendum in this Senate race. The headline says it has already become that referendum.

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