rug companies are racing to the market with a new class of pills meant to stop migraines in their tracks — a potential boon for both patients and investors, if the new medications prove both effective and safe.

An estimated 37 million Americans suffer from acute migraines, and analysts expect the two leading drugs, from Allergan and Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, to bring in more than $1 billion apiece at their commercial peaks.

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  • Best method to relieve Migraine is titration a slow release vasodilator such as Nicotynal. Alcohol. Since bomlood vessels are the response to the trigger is minimal, preventing the vasospasm.

    • I think among the first things to do is try a hypoallergenic or rotation diet. I had sporadic migraines for 40 years before I discovered bean protein sets them off. Tofu and Boca burgers are the worst, but even fresh green beans can do it. I hardly ever get headache since I discovered this. Soy sauce and soy oil are just fine, and I’ve never noticed headaches from peanuts or garbanzo beans. But refried beans will do it — Trader Joe’s used to sell a cornmeal crust chicken pizza that was very cheap and tasty, but it had a layer of refried beans in it. If I ate them too often, more than once a week, the headaches would come back. I know these were migraine headaches because I’ve seen the migraine aura (fortifications hallucination) twice, during my very worst attacks. When I figured out the Boca burgers were causing them, I stopped eating them and in a day or two the headaches completely stopped. It’s best to figure out the root cause of a problem and fix that, rather than treating with drugs.

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