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At STAT, the process of covering biotech and putting together The Readout newsletter involves a lot of sitting around and talking about the latest clinical trial blowup, major acquisition, or dubious claim made by a genetics company. And if you’ve ever spent time with reporters (sorry), you know that a lot of the insight, opinion, and gossip they hear every day doesn’t actually make it into the stories they write.

With all that in mind, we figured: Why not weave all that biotech straw into audio gold?

And thus we bring you “The Readout LOUD,” a weekly podcast on which STAT’s biotech reporting contingent — Adam Feuerstein, Rebecca Robbins, and me — will break down the latest news, dig deep into industry goings-on, and give you a preview of the week to come. We’ll also drag in other STAT reporters and friends of the program for interviews on stories we find fascinating. Episode one is on tap for Thursday, so be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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