ASHINGTON — In the final hours of public input on a controversial new rule limiting opioid prescriptions, a last-minute coalition emerged on Monday to oppose it.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rule would restrict opioid doses to Medicare patients to the equivalent of 90 milligrams of morphine per day.

But a vocal group of doctors, pain patients, and public health experts — including three who contributed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own prescribing guidelines — emerged near the Monday deadline to voice their opposition via comment, letter, and social media.


Hundreds of comments had been submitted to the CMS website on the rule as of Monday afternoon — the vast majority in opposition.

Dozens of other academics, doctors, and editors of pain journals have signed on to a letter claiming the proposed rule constitutes overreach by CMS into medical treatment and would carry serious consequences for the 1.6 million Medicare beneficiaries who reached that threshold for at least one day in 2016.

The critics say the regulation is heavy-handed and measures health outcomes only in prescription levels. The 90-milligram morphine daily equivalent is roughly equal to four mid-range doses in a typical prescription of immediate-release oxycodone.

“There are a lot of Medicare providers that already do very aggressive dose control now,” said Dr. Stefan Kertesz, a professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, who focuses on addiction and works with a variety of chronic pain patients. “We know what real opioid safety looks like. This is not that.”

Instead, their letter says, the approach is a one-size-fits-all response to external pressure on CMS, and one that takes decision-making power away from doctors.

Government pressure to act

This proposal echoes a similar one last year in which CMS proposed to restrict opioid doses to 120 morphine milligram equivalents per day. This year’s proposal, however, goes even further, by reducing the threshold and allowing pharmacists to deny prescriptions that exceed it. The rule would create a potentially time-consuming exemption process that would require the consent of pharmacies, payers, and doctors.

The rule, set to be finalized April 2, is the first daily opioid dose limit proposal issued under the leadership of new CMS Administrator Seema Verma.

Verma, who served as Indiana’s top health official when Vice President Mike Pence was governor there, has cited the opioid crisis as a priority, and she has been a mainstay at administration events on the topic — including the White House’s “opioids summit” held last week.

But Verma’s agency is under pressure to act from multiple government oversight bodies, which have placed much of the responsibility for high opioid prescription levels on the agency.

The Office of Inspector General in July highlighted that 1 in 3 Medicare Part D beneficiaries received opioids, for which Medicare paid $4.1 billion — a statistic Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited last week in announcing the Justice Department’s involvement in a slate of lawsuits against opioid manufacturers.


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The Government Accountability Office doubled down on the the inspector general’s conclusion in January, issuing a report titled “Medicare Should Expand Oversight Efforts to Reduce the Risk of Harm.”

CMS’ new plan does neither, its opponents argue. Among the problems they see with opioid prescribing thresholds are the potential for decreased quality of life, pursuit of illicit drugs to replace opioids, and the potential for increased suicidal ideation among patients whose opioid doses are reduced or discontinued.

“The plan avows no metric for success other than reducing certain measures of prescribing,” the letter reads. “Neither patient access to care nor patient health outcomes are mentioned.”

Instead, Kertesz said in an interview with STAT, CMS should pursue a system that considers risk factors, and develops plans of care for patients being prescribed opioids.

“This is just an elaborate, bureaucratic show of force which CMS is under pressure to produce,” he said.

While the letter’s authors acknowledged the role of opioid overprescription in creating the current crisis, their resistance to the CMS proposal comes at a time of broader concerns that the federal government’s desire to forcefully address the epidemic could come at the expense of patients. A sweeping addiction bill introduced in the Senate last week goes further than any state legislature and even the CDC guidelines in limiting first-time opioid prescriptions to three days.

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  • I broke my neck years ago. I lived with it until it collapsed onto a nerve running down my arm. I wanted out of my own body, the pain was so mind~blowing. I was actually puking from pain. My neck will never heal. I have osteostenosis. It breaks down over time. Now it has straightened ~ Straightening of the Lordis Cordosis. The weight of my skull & brain caused a vertebrae to bust in my lower back & now I have sciatica, as well. Aspirin, tylenol, morphine & ibruprophine will burn a hole in my stomach. Especially morphine. My mother nearly bled out from the hole it left in her stomach after a botched rotator cuff operation. I don’t require a lot of medication, but I require a certain kind. I took Lortab 10/500 four daily with 3 soma for about 10 years before they stopped making it because it was popular with junkies on the street. I was punished for someone else’s actions. I see my Dr every month. I have been for 11 years, now. He’s never had a problem with me & my medication. So, after that we spent almost a year trying to find a medication that was right for me because I have seizures, now. Every 3 months, we’d try a new one ~ Even Opana! Which my insurance said I could have as long as it couldn’t be crushed, which was fine by me. It wasn’t working. I couldn’t understand until I looked one day & saw I had passed it ~ Complete with lettering! 😂 Freaked us all out. I was forced to methadone 10mg 3x daily & 1 Percocet for my bedtime. I was scared of it because of the stigma. Come to find out, it was lovely! It’s just like my old medication, no side effects & I don’t have to take much! So, I’ve been on this regimen for about 2 years & guess what? They want to take my medication away from me, again! I am disabled! I will never, ever heal. The operation has a 50/50 ~ Paralyze/Death ~ Not chances I want to take. 1 other thing.. I have a mom with dementia & I’m the only child left. My sister died a long time ago, leaving me behind. 😔 Mom’s always hated me, but I love her & it’s God’s will that I help her. I will. Without my medication, I cannot walk around normal like everyone else. The pain is so bad, I am curled, fetal position, rocking back & forth, praying to God to help me or take me. Back to puking in pain. I cannot live like that. I cannot help mom like that. I know people that have it worse & my very soul goes out to them. Ever since my Dr told me what they were going to do, I have been begging God to help us all. Maybe going to the press, maybe calling the President. I know Mr Trump has a heart. It’s not our fault some people are junkies. Taking away our medication will not stop them. They’ll find something else. Believe in it.
    Please. Someone help us. I can’t handle going back to that horrible pain. Living in pure Hell. Screaming out. And what of my mom? She is on a fentanyl patch. They’ll kill her. She’s 74 & has dementia. My God in Heaven, I praise your strength. You have my faith. Please help us through this terrible tragedy. Shine your great Light upon us and defend us against this terror. We Love you, Father. With all of our hearts & souls. In Jesus’ beloved name I pray, Amen.

    • Thank you for your beautiful letter that expresses the whole situation so well. I admire you in every way and will certainly be praying for you and your mother and the correct resolution of this drug problem.

  • It is not a untruth that Drs receive payment for “cost savings” at least I know so for Medicaid. There is a “standard of care” for any condition & a treatment protocol. When a Drs “saves $” by not performing the standard of care treatments they are rewarded with a check with a % of the $ saved. A personal example; I had been on my 6th bought with bronchial phnuemonia, that said I am aware that the will initiate a breathing treatment, use a shot or I.V. antibiotics followed by a take home prescription of antibiotics, & at minimum use a Dr at or preferably a M.R.I. to check for fluids in your lungs. My P.C.P. at 1st gave me 3 weeks of oral antibiotics, after finishing my condition had worsened. I then went to the E.R. where I was only given the exact same 3 week course of antibiotics despite me begging for any or all of the above treatment protocols I mentioned but the E.R. Dr refused. I was now over 2 months in & becoming progressively worse. I then went to another seperate hospital’s E.R. at which point my blood oxygen was critically low where I was informed in writing that I was at risk for death or permenant brain damage. I was not just admitted but I was placed in a empty wing in the pediatric floor as the Drs feared I could not risk exposure to anything else. One of the 1st ?s they asked is “why did you wait so long to get care?”, as I left my county to receive care & they couldn’t see my prior records. So I explained how I have been trying to get care now for almost 5 months. Upon receiving my bill from the 1st E.R. Dr it stated projected costs of care, which was slightly over $6,000 & after actual cost of care being $386 for the prescription of antibiotics & being refused any other treatments. They discovered due to my late stage lymes disease there was over fibrosis scarring over 70% which may have been prevented or the progression slowed had I received timely proper medical care. Upon investigating further, after receiving my bill, I found Medicaid reimburses the Drs a % of the “cost saved” for “standard care procedures”. So it is true that Drs receive compensation to not provide what would be considered routine care. What the person who commented on that this is not true has to do with drug represenatives who used to be allowed to financially compensate Drs for pushing a certain drug on to patients & receive financial compensations & rewards such as all inconclusive vacations; yes that has been outlawed & they are now restricted to only paying for elaborate dinners while performing sales pitches for a certain pharmacutical drug. PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOUR ARE SPEAKING OF BEFORE COMMENTING! This is exactly how we have gotten to this point with chronic pain patients being left to inhumanely die as chronic pain left under & untreated causes tachycardia, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, organ failure, & psychological medical deaths through suicide; yet we don’t hear these #s with suicide now jumping to the #3 cause of death in the U.S. & heart disease climbing the ladder quickly also, & I am sure this is due to this genocide propaganda campaign of lies allowing a entire group of people to die! The CDC & FDA in March & May 2018 admitted that they accidentally counted illicit fentanyl & herion to both the #s of O.D. deaths caused by prescription opiates (and since the CDC has released 3 seperate #s) & upon calculating the amount of opiates prescribed, causing a 25% government mandated cut in opaite production in 2016 & another 20% in 2017 which has caused a nationwide shortage leaving hospitals unable to perform surgeries, treat severe trauma E.R. victims, substituting as equally dangerous medications such as muscle relaxers & sedatives where the would normally use opiates; this too has caused numerous deaths. 20 veterans alone are committing suicide a day left under & untreated as state & federal insurance programs nationwide are adopting these guidelines as mandatory 1 size fits all treatments! This will most likely increase O.D. deaths from use of street drugs when CPP are left with no quality of life & no where to turn for treatment. This is far from a solution but yet a disaster adding to the problem. There is NO prescription opiate O.D. epidemic; actually through government studies grouping people in to levels of MME, morphine equivelant dosages, starting at under 50 MME & going upwards to those prescribed over 200 MME, guess who has the least amount of O.D. deaths? Those above 200 MME attributed to the fact they are opaite tolerant & were trirated slowly upwards most yrs & decades in to treatment, the highest # of deaths occur in the CDCs recommended dosage rate between 51 MME& 100 MME. The United Nations, along with W.H.O. the World Health Organization, & 1 another has launched investigations agaisnt the U.S. for with holding medically neccessary treatment for CPP! The U.N. (United Nations) states that this is a inhumane practice that is equal to torture upon the disabled suffering from chronic pain. The statements from chronic pain patients are comparable to those from persons physically tortured from corrupt government agencies within other countries! This is a violation of our Constitional Rights and stated in our Declaration of Independence “to the pursuit of 3 unalienable rights given to them by their creator for the prusiut of life, liberty, & happiness which governments are created to protect.” Unless we want to open a Pandora’s Box of tossing aside the foundation of our country this interferences between Dr & patient treatments must be completely stopped, for where it starts is never where it ends!
    PLEASE JOIN “DON’T PUNISH PAIN” on Facebook for a nationwide protest on Sept 18 2018 & to be informed on new laws, bills, medical insurance companies, which are violating the rights to treatment, be made aware of petitions, & comments being accepted by government agencies, those advocating for CPP, & & for places like the U.N. looking to hear from CPP, care givers, Drs, psychologist, loved ones, & fight for every voice counts!

  • My rheumatologist told me in March he will no longer prescribe opiates as he does not want to end up in jail. The DEA has thrown chronic pain patients under the bus and no one cares. I just do not know what to do. I feel the pressure on my heart, as I have heart problems, and have constant headaches worrying about dealing with my pain now. Maybe I will have to go to a doctor in Mexico and get the medications I need to live with a modicum of normalcy. This is disgraceful.

  • Ah….Mary….I get where you are coming from from but that is NOT where I was going with my comment. I to live with chronic pain….have been for 10 years. Yes…..I have thought of ending my life when I can’t sleep for days and the pain is really bad before all this limit won medsq and now taking ALL MEDS AWAY. I was just making a suggestion for him to reach out to SOMEONE TO HELP HIM. So….ease up on the comment please.

    • Robin;,,,this whole holocaust of the chronically medically ill is sooo in-humane,,,,,JMO,,,,,Death truly is thee only option for some in my humble opinion,,for as a fellow cpp,,,u know,,,,our physical pain will never stop,,,unless we are given the proper amount of medicines,,,w/out that,,,we are literally dead anyways,,My point is,,,just like our physical pain,,,as FREE ADULTS in this country,,,no-one has the right to decide how much we are to forcible endure physical pain,and for how long,,Soo unless u know of a doctor ,a real MEDICAL doctor,,,that WILL prescribe this adult male his medicines,,,in my humble opinion,,,as he is an adult,,,his body,,,his choice,,,but the facts or consequences of his decision I listed,,For our government will never ever admit they have tortured,and torture many of us to death,,,Death towards a group of people,,is genocide,,,again a crime our government will never admit to,,thus why our death are cover’d up,,and not HONORED IN TRUTH!!!jmo,,,,maryw

    • Sorry, I disagree. Government should not be dictating my medical care. I am 64 years old with chronic pain. My Rheumatologist told me the government is not going too allow me my prescriptions either. This is wrong!! I am scared that I won’t be able to get help for my pain.

  • Twelve yrs. of pain meds here after a large crate fell on me from a high shelf, while shopping.

    The DOCTORS prescribed every pill I’ve had since 2005!
    The PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES “suggested” what the DOCTORS write me, as they were handing down checks and vacations to these DOCTORS that “helped me.”

    My pain is noted as CHRONIC on my medical charts.

    This month I will not get “stepped down” as would be human, but CUT OFF!

    I predict a civil war coming. Not from the chronic pain patients, we will be too sick. But from those who love us, whose lives are about to change too.

    I’m sure there are a ton of fat cats not getting their checks from the ole’ Pharmacuticals anymore. Maybe they will understand “some” sort of pain now.

    • It has been against the law for over 40 years for any doctor is to accept a gift from any medical sales, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies or any other type of company that would be a conflict of interest. The only thing a physician can accept is a meal that is at the worth of a bagel or a coffee. They can also accept hens if they are worth under a dollar. So what you are saying is not true you are just angry and blaming your doctor. Remember it was your doctor who tried to treat your pain. You seem to have been happy with it now you want to blame them for your addiction. You could have declined the medication at any time. Chronic pain patients know all too well what type of medication they are taking they make a point of educating themselves. You knew that an opiate was a narcotic pain medication and you had to have a special script to get this narcotic medication. All narcotics are addicting. Some patients may become addicted if they are using them everyday for months, but they make that choice rather than living in pain. You cannot blame your doctor because there are no other medications which work on you other than narcotics. If you didn’t want a narcotic and you wanted to try something else all you had to tell your doctor was exactly that. I am suspecting that nothing else worked on you other than a narcotic. It is not your doctor’s fault that you had a crate fall on you. Your doctor was only trying to help you have a better quality of life after you were injured. I cannot believe you speak so nastily about your physicians who cared about you all these years. You are exactly the type of patient which a doctor fears and ends up making the decision not to write pain meds for any patient because they are afraid you will sue them if you get them and become addicted or you will sue them because you can’t get them for your pain. There is no satisfying you you want to blame everyone else for your problems including the people who are standing there wanting to help you. You need to take a long look in the mirror and decide what kind of person you really want to be for the rest of your days on this Earth. Do you want to be kind and understanding even when things do not go your way and not lash out and blame others who have done nothing but try to help you. Or do you want to be that constant complainer who is out to hurt people who have done nothing but help you. No they cannot give it to you for free everyone has to make a living your doctor’s have families and children they need to to raise also you are not the only one that has a life to live. You are forgetting that every doctor must spend a minimum of 13 years without any income and going into serious debt just to be able to give you that prescription… And you want them to continue working for free and not be able to pay their debts back nor make up for all of the Lost income while they were out of the workforce for 13 to 20 years years or more studying just so they could take care of people like you. You probably want all your surgeries for free too. I’m guessing you are one of those people if someone were handing out free $100 bills you would complain and ask them and tell everybody what a jerk they were because if they didn’t give you $200. Normally your doctor would wean you down so you would not experience Andy uncomfortable withdrawals but if you said anything to them like you have said on this message board and accused him of making all of this money off of you and how you got nothing in return and we’re dissatisfied with everything I can kind of see why they just didn’t care anymore about someone who is so unappreciative. It’s attitudes like yours which give a bad name to the rest of chronic pain patients. Maybe you will feel better when you think of all the money that doctor is not making off of you now while you are sitting at home in pain day after day and your quality of life goes down because your pain has zapped your energy… because chronic pain is truly exhausting and those who suffer with it spend most of their lives in bed if they do not have any pain medication. But it sounds like you will be happy thinking of all the money you have saved and how miserable your doctor will be without your money once a month. Hey maybe all you needed to get rid of your chronic pain is to channel that hatred you have for the pharmaceutical company who invented the narcotic which got rid of your pain, and the doctor who prescribed the narcotic which got rid of your pain. All you need is a Tylenol or an Advil, and they’re not addicting, you don’t need your greedy doctor to prescribe it to you, and that greedy pharmaceutical company has made it so cheap it’s nearly pennies per pill.

    • Ms.Kitty;;;;its called ,”informed consent,” as adults in any country,,,,however our legal system is NOT adhering to the law of ,”informed consent,” why,,,i have no idea,,,,more money in not honoring It,I guess,,,,At anytime,,all those so-called ,”addicts,” could of said NO,,, as a responsible adult,,,sorry,,a pill does not jump up all by itself,,and jump in someone mouth all by itself,,,the person in the mirror,,chooses to swallow it,,,not the pills fault,,not the doctors fault,,or pharma,,,pharma was doing what is called in economics,,supply and demand,,,jmo,,u got these politicians’ ADULT ,”children,;; who go and steal mommy and daddy’s medicines,,and since the parents are tooo busy w/there careers,,these parents gotta blame someone besides themselves or the sons/daughters,soo they blame everyone else,,for their ADULTS offsprings poor decisions,,,,,thats where the true blame is,,,jmo,,and instead of truthfully seeing these parents opinions as bias opinion,,,the government is using these o.d. of ADULTS,,AS FACT and making abusing laws over bias opinion,,and hell the ,”addiction industry,” is a boom town right now,,and they planned it that way,,,many many shrinks are getten rich off of this FALSE EPEDIMIC,FALSE DATA,,,, on our dime,,maryw

    • MissKittyInTheSun, I worked for an airline. I sat next to two women who worked at a Dr’s office. They were being treated by a pharmaceutical company to a 5 day resort package in Scottsdale, AZ at a very nice exclusive resort. So, you say it’s illegal and I’m saying they were doing it way less than 40 yrs ago. You were really nasty to Julie. At no time did she say she wanted a handout. She said she suffered chronic pain and ward being cut off, not stepped down. Happens way too often. I was stopped down by 1 and has made my quality of life worse. Having your doctor threatened with loss of license is ridiculous.

    • Please don’t do anything bad…..please talk to your wife. Please call your doctor…..pastor….or friends and talk to them. From what I got from your email….you are looking to end it. Please CALL A HELP LINE.

    • To Robin:Hey heres an idea,,,GIVE US OUR MEDICINE BACK,,,SO WE ARE NOT FORCED TO USE DEATH TO STOP OUR NOW FORCED PHYSICAL PAIN FROM MEDICAL CONDITIONS!!,,,,,,Do u live in his body 24/7???can u physically feel the physical pain of another???NO,, it is literally impossible,,Hell our government won’t even honor our deaths in TRUTH,, just cya their own ass’s…That be true,,Mr.Erhling,,,should u be FORCED to use death to stop your now FORCED physical pain,,,u know,,,your death will be add’d w/the addicts,,right??NOT THE TRUTH OF COURSE!!!!but,,,it will cover some politicians ass….something to think about,,,anddddd,,,Life insurance pays out nothing for suicides,,soo if u have a wife,,,she will get nothing,,,just stating fact here,..Your death will be recorded as a suicide,,again NOT TRUTH,,, but our government wants no evidence of the genocide they have done!!!

      People should of just stayed out of our PRIVATE medical decision,,for it is a fact,,that no-one can physically feel the physical pain of another,,thus,,as a humane civilization,,our goal should of STAYED,to simply lessen the physical pain as effectively as possible,,,,not,,to be judge jury and yes executioners for the medically ill in now,forced physical pain,via denial of access to effective medicines to effectively lessen physical pain!!!maryw

  • I just hope all these hypocritical doctors, politicians and any one else who refuses an elderly person or a chronically ill person relief from their pain by prescribing anti-convulsion drugs and reducing opioids that work and are taken correctly by the patient should have to live the last 20 years of their lives in the most rat-infested, Nurse Cratchet hole of a nursing home and get the hell beat out of them for the horror they are responsible for perpetrating on the American People.

    • Your doctor is not the one who made these new rules. This will devastate his practice as all his patients I’m sure are pain management patients. Your doctor chose to help you because he/she was genuinely concerned about you. The state boards and the DEA offices are now sending doctors to prison when one of their patient dies of an overdose. They are holding them liable. So if you decide to commit suicide via your pain meds you will be sending your doctor to prison and they will not be able to write any more pain meds for all the other patients. So all you would be suiciders out there, you are the problem. If it wasn’t for all the deaths from people taking their prescriptions in excess not understanding that more is not better, it does not get rid of more pain it just causes you to fall asleep and stop breathing. If your pain is extremely severe pain medication can not get rid of all of it. Some people actually have to be put into a medically-induced coma to give them relief from their pain. But this is done in the hospital, and you are intubated and a machine breaths for you. When patients take more of their medication than prescribed they are heading towards that medically induced coma except there is no one there to intubate them and to breathe for them. That is the reason why all of this has come about and why all patients and doctors are now going to suffer. It is because of these deaths and doctors being directly held responsible and being sent to prison for more than 20 years, instead putting the blame on the person willfully ingesting too much of their medication, more than what was prescribed, why their families are mourning their loss and seek to blame the pharmaceutical companies and the doctor who prescribe the medication. This is why doctors do not want to prescribe pain medication anymore, they don’t want to go to prison because you or your loved one has decided to commit suicide by taking too much of their medication, or they just like taking too much of their medication. I realize I am being a little harsh but you are the problem and you don’t even see it. It is your comment about going to commit suicide that will cause your family members to blame everyone else for your actions. It’s like making everyone go to prison for the rest of their lives who works at Smith & Wesson for making the gun that you decided to kill yourself with… it’s really not your doctor’s note for the pharmaceutical companies fault that you came to them for help with your pain. You ask for their product and their service because nothing else worked and then you theoretically intentionally took more than prescribed, and now your family misses you and wants someone to blame. Opiate deaths finally reached an epidemic and the government had to act. Now they will try to limit you to a dose you can’t kill yourself with, it might even get to where you have to pick your meds up every 5 days and if you save them up and take them all at once then your family really does have no one else to blame but you. Unfortunately all other pain management patients will have to bear the burden of more restrictions. They will make you sign contracts, and they will make you sign that you were told at every visit about the addicting qualities of this medication and if you mix them with other drugs you could die. You now will have to sign this before you will get your medications. When I say you, I don’t mean you in particular I am meaning all chronic pain patients who are at their doctor’s office wanting a narcotic prescription medication. The paperwork will be increased so that your families can no longer blame the Physicians or the pharmaceutical companies for your actions of taking too much medication whether intentionally trying to commit suicide or intentionally taking more of your medication than prescribed. That is why all this is going on and people will be limited on how much medication they can have, they will be assessed at their cost via a urine exam to make sure they are not taking any other drugs, they will have to go to psychiatric appointments to make sure they are stable mentally, etc etc… All of this is solely due to deaths that have occurred do to people taking too much of their medication. They will also evaluate you psychologically to see if you are blaming your physician or the pharmaceutical company and if you are you won’t be getting any more prescriptions because you are mentally not stable enough do you have any more of this medication if you are blaming the very people who you came to for help. No one has made you choose a narcotic for your pain relief. You have other choices, they may not work but it is your choice to take them and not to take a narcotic. If you decide a narcotic is the only thing that relieves your pain then it is your choice to continue to take it. The doctor is not forcing you to take this medication and neither is the pharmaceutical company. And neither one of these entities cause you to be injured where you need pain relief. I guarantee you if they get an inkling that you are blaming them for helping you with your pain with this narcotic option, they will stop prescribing it to you, because you are a liability at that point not only to them but to other chronic pain patients.

  • I’m. So mad. I’ve been on pain meds for years and they want to take the meds away. They cannot seen to get those that are getting their drugs from. The streets so their turning their attn to us. Then ones that need meds. Why? It’s so they can say look what we did. Has anyone thought about what the suicide rate will be when. Patients are in such pain they would rather kill themselves than spend another day in pain. Has anyone addressed that? I bet not. Welcome to dictatorship! In this day and age now why would a person want to become a doctor? What’s wrong with you people? Your screwing this up just like health care. Remember?
    Word if advice. Stat the hell out of my life, because what you are doing is taking my life away!!!!!

  • It’s been a long night. I have RSD in my spine, two limbs, and my bowels don’t work properly because of the amount of nerve pain going on in my back due to the RSD. I had surgery in the spine and ended up with RSD at the sight of surgery after. I have been in pain management, same doctor, same pharmacy for more than 6 years. Now, my knees are shot and giving my grotesque amounts of pain. I cannot walk and am suffering. I saw my pain mgt. doc yesterday and he has me on a cocktail of 7 meds, most don’t do a thing, but the Oxy and the Gabapentin have their place. I told him I can’t get up out of a chair now, down steps, etc, and his response is to try to add other {cousin meds} to Gabapentin. That’s the new way of medicine, and it does NOT control this pain, and so I am suffering in agony. When I say suffering, I am not sleeping because of the pain, my days are awful because my life has been taken from me….I can barely walk because of so much pain…..
    While my body is addicted to the 40mg oxycodone I take a day, I am not abusing it and haven’t for the now 5 years I’ve been on it. With these extra issues and my pain levels gone up so much more, my doctor is scared (obviously) to treat me. So I suffer, my work (in home office) suffers, my husband suffers, we are all suffering, and you all think you are doing a good thing by pronouncing a war on drugs.
    For those of us with severe nerve pain, many are opting suicide and/or suffering through a life of dreading each moment of each day. My other docs think I am depressed (but my cocktail of meds has 2 antidepressants, so no more please and thank you, because the pain and depression are SITUATIONAL….who wouldnt be depressed???)>

    Anyway, I am suffering beyond what I can stand and looking at the doctors, the hippocratic oath, the AMA and all of these entities who have brought this on me and all I can say is …..BRAVO……another American war on something…..

    If you want to kill me off, stop the cocktail of all these meds and just freaking overdose me yourselves….and stop giving N. Korea speeches about their crimes against humanity you hypocrites.

    Sorry, I am tired, my body is screaming and I can’t get any relief…you might say I have an edge.

  • I have been in pain management for years. I have suffered threw many surgeries at this point no more can be done without high risk of being paralyzed. I also am a survivor of cerririous of the liver. This one size fits all is not the way to go. I spent the most of 2014-2017 hospitalized. I don’t think the hundreds of doctors and interns did all this for me to live the rest of what is left in my life in pain and agony

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