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WASHINGTON — A tiny eye drug company is about to walk away from Congress with a great big win: an extra two years of charging Medicare higher prices for its cataract surgery drug.

Tucked into some of the final pages of the sprawling, 2,232-page spending package congressional leaders unveiled late Wednesday are five pages detailing a complicated policy that represents a major win for Omeros, the Washington state-based company behind the cataract surgery drug Omidria. In fact, the language is painstakingly worded to ensure the policy affects Omeros and its product and almost no other drug companies.


The win is sizable: The company faced a major cut to the way Medicare reimbursed the providers that used its product — a cut that likely would have discouraged them from using the product in the first place. Some analysts had predicted the company’s sales could fall to $30 million this year, from $75 million in 2017. The budget deal unveiled late Wednesday, however, buys the company two more years. 

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  • adam, do you ever mention that omidria is safer than any other alternative ? doctors and surgical centers, teaching hospitals prefer omidria over the unsafe practice of mixing ? safer enviornment for the patient ? your a real clown with an obvious vendetta against omeros.

  • Hey Adam, I thought you said Omero’s would never get pass-through. It’s amazing, you’ve had a personal vendetta against the Doctor and Omero’s, you’ve been paid to write lies, and help hedge funds short this stock time & time again. You are the type of person that makes the stock market an uneven playing field for the average retail investor (or anybody for that matter). No wonder you have been fired from so many places of employment, been investigated, and been in litigation because of your antics. It’s just a matter of time Mr. Adam!!

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