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WASHINGTON — The White House’s national strategy to combat the opioid crisis, unveiled last week, would expand a particular kind of addiction treatment in federal criminal justice settings: a single drug, manufactured by a single company, with mixed views on the evidence regarding its use.

Federal prisons should “facilitate naltrexone treatment and access to treatment” to inmates as they transition out of incarceration, according to a fact sheet circulated by the administration. A White House spokesman later confirmed to STAT that the document referred specifically to naltrexone in its injectable form.

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  • You may want to investigate Naltrexone oral pill as it was intended to be used, WITH substance use, so it interacts with it. Research the Sinclair Method and how that approach is the MAIN approach in Europe. Problem is the pills are cheap and this country has been brainwashed into believing abstinence only and the XA religion is the ONLY solution for everyone. 12 steps rehabs make a killing while pushing Vivitrol everywhere. Naltrexone oral 50mg with use works 80% of the time as an OPIOD antagonist. Over 90 worldwide clinical studies to support what I say. Both brands of oral form have been discontinued in the US. One is manufacture in the US only for use in Canada.

  • Shake your money maker viv. After leaving a state hospital psychiatrists will automatically put u on this drug if you have had a history of substance use. Big pharm profiting more off of the opioid crisis than ever!!! Profit off the institutional system and reintegrating. Even if you haven’t used opioid in years and have had enough. Monopoly pills to profit off the system. I refused to take it considering the fact that I have health issues ahead of me which may be painful in the future. A grand scheme indeed.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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